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  • “Adele” Vino e Visciole
  • “Adele” Vino e Visciole
  • “Adele” Vino e Visciole

“Adele” Vino e Visciole


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Il vino da meditazione, tanto caro ai grandi signori del Rinascimento, non è affatto passato di moda, anzi si ritrova e si apprezza ancora tuttora. “Adele” è un vino speciale, realizzato con tre ingredienti fondamentali: pregiate uve nere toscane, zucchero e visciole. Il vino così prodotto è perfetto degustato nei momenti di relax, magari accompagnato da un bel libro, ma anche sgranocchiando qualche dolce biscottino.

Tipologia: Vino aromatizzato alla visciola

Produttore: Azienda Corte Luceoli

Prodotto in: Marche (Italia)

Gradazione: 15%
Sapore: Asciutto e finemente tannico
Profumo: Intenso di amarena, con sentori di cacao e nocciole tostate
Colore:  Rosso rubino tendente al granato

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Questo vino aromatizzato alla visciola è caratterizzato da un sapore asciutto e finemente tannico, dal colore rosso rubino tendente al granato, con un profumo intenso di amarena, con sentori di cacao e nocciole tostate.

Corte Luceoli is a young and passionate company, loving traditions to be re-launched in a modern way. The company is based in Cantiano, a small town in the heart of the Le Marche, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, which has always been the home of the “Prunus Cerasus” Visciola, a unique and rare varietal of wild black cherry. The love for the landscapes, the desire to value this ancient fruit, preserving its quality and excellence, led to the birth of this family-run farming company in 2015, where all products are hand crafted. The aim of the company is to produce, without any use of dyes, emulsifiers and artificial flavours. Using only fresh fruit from the best consortium of Italy and their agricultural partners, in order to obtain biological certification within a short time. The company has realized the largest installation in the town of Cantiano due to the plantation of more than 3 hectares of sour cherries "Visciole".

General Information: Choosing the right wine is linked to the dish to which it accompanies. In general, sweet and sparkling wines match best with baked products, creams, dried fruits and aged cheeses. How to drink: Each wine must be brought to the table at the proper temperature; the white and rose wines should be served at a temperature lower than the red ones to exalt the organoleptic properties of wine that would be altered if the service temperature is not the proper one. All the wine goes oxygenated before being served, the time varies depending on the aging of the wine, if a wine is young this procedure is entirely superfluous. Red wines require a longer oxygenation time than the white ones. If you want to taste different types of wine with vary degrees, it is advisable to adopt a policy of climb; wines with a lower alcohol content should be drunk before.

Vino (60%), visciole (40%), zucchero.

Godetevi un momento di autentico relax degustando un bel calice di “Adele” insieme ai nostri Sablè al cioccolato e i nostri Trancini.