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In one of the hilliest regions of Italy, where the green of the meadows is the master, could not miss a Tasting Experience enchanting diners with the scent of woods, pastures and orchards. Here is a superb Truffle Sauce to toss precious Tagliolini with Summer Truffle, a tasty Fava beans cream and field herbs to tasty bruschetta to be paired with a wedge of Pecorino Cheese with Herbs and one of Medium Hard Pecorino Cheese, all drinking a superb Verdicchio Riserva Stefano Antonucci. Finally, the dessert time will be unforgettable thanks to the uniqueness of the Lonzino di Fico and the sweetness of a Bianconero Moscato.

Type: Truffle based Products, Cheese, Sauce, Pastry, Wine
Tasting Combinations: 3
Number of Items: 8
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 3.2 Kg 

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Lonzino di Fico
Pecorino Cheese with Herbs
Medium Hard Pecorino Cheese of Sibillini Mountains
Bianconero Moscato
Truffle Sauce
Fava Beans cream and field wild herbs

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Verdicchio Riserva Stefano Antonucci
Tagliolini with Summer Truffle

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It is really a pleasure to lead those who select this Tasting Experience along a  virtual journey through the rolling hills of the Marche, where products are produced with the best raw materials and an unparalleled passion. Truffle Sauce and Tagliolini with Summer Truffle of Longhi Tartufi from Urbania (PU), the Fava beans cream and field herbs of La Viola from Torre San Patrizio (FE), Pecorino with Herbs and Medium Hard Pecorino of Di Pietrantonio from Belforte del Chienti (MC), Stefano Antonucci Verdicchio Riserva of Santa Barbara from Barbara (AN), Lonzino di Fico of La Bona Usanza from Serra dei Conti (AN) and finally the Bianconero Moscato of  Moroder from Ancona (AN).

“Coutryside Scents” is a proposal to explore all the beautiful and the good of the Marche. The lingering and unequivocally smell of truffles recalling oak trees, the unique smell of pate of fava beans, which recalls scents of orchards and vegetables, captivating fragrance of pecorino cheeses, which makes the mind fly among the pastures. To be finally astonished by strong smell of wines and of the dried fruit of our traditional dessert.

Prepared for: Those who want to delight diners will have the chance to sit at the table for this Tasting Experience, family and closest friends, who will be rewarded with an original menu. How to eat: Tagliolini with summer truffle should be cooked according to package directions or by following one of our recipes and topped with Truffle Sauce, to warm up with a little olive oil, milk or butter; Fava Beans Patè is ready to be spread on bread or cheese slices. The optimum temperature for serving Verdicchio is 8/10 ° C, in white wine glasses; Lonzino di Fico has to be cut into slices while Moscato should be served at 8 °C.

Tagliolini with black truffle, Pecorino Cheese Fonduta with fava beans croutons , Lonzino di Fico and Moscato sweet wine
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