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The Map of the Marche here below represents all the countries and towns where the providers of Tasting Marche are located. Each province is rich in natural resources: truffles, abundant in the area of Pesaro and Montefeltro, the vineyards and the grapes of Ancona, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables on the hills of Macerata and Fermo, the olive of Ascoli ..... and many other specialties: fava beans of Fratte Rosa, quercia chickpeas and Cicerchia of Appignano, amarena cherries from Cantiano, cold meats of Alteta di Montegiorgio, the cheeses of Belforte del Chienti, the Vernaccia of Serrapetrona, the Sapa of San Ginesio, the craft beers of Monte Porzio and Agugliano, the cookies of Urbino, inspired by the Renaissance courtyards, and that of Castelraimondo ... and many others, discover them with Tasting Marche. So what are you waiting for browse through our proposals? Choose the place much inspires you, read the story of a place and its culinary traditions and ... enjoy your meal!

Interactive Map

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Each fork of the map is connected to a location; clicking on the fork, and then the country or town you are interested in (as in the example), you will be accompanied through the website; you will discover all the products coming from there that you can buy on the Site www.tastingmarche.com. If you click on the product, you will be addressed to the product description where you can read on it and directly buy it..

mappa Castelsantangelo sul Nera Ascoli Piceno Spinetoli Acquaviva Picena San Benedetto del Tronto Grottamare Massignano Belmonte Piceno Alteta di Monte giorgio Montegiorgio Campofilone Ripe S. Gineio San Ginesio Montegranaro Monte San Giusto Corridonia Belforte del Chienti Serrapetrona Pievebovigliana Muccia Castelraimondo Tolentino Recanati Appignano Matelica Cingoli Santa Maria Nuova Castelplanio Sarnano Agugliano Ancona Ostra Belvedere Ostrense Barbara Montecarotto Serra dei conti Cantiano Fratte Rosa San Lorenzo di Campo Monteporzio Morro d'alba Barchi Isola del Piano Urbino Urbania Macerata Feltria Numana Sirolo Castignano