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  • Jewels On Pasta

Jewels On Pasta


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The truffle has always been a highly valued food, thanks to the virtues of the precious tuber, a real gastronomic treasure. Tasting Marche wants to create a combination of pasta and truffle truly magnificent: Whole Summer Truffle to toss the Egg Pappardelle and Black truffle sauce to bring to the table an excellent dish of Egg Tagliatelle.

Type: Egg Pasta, Truffle
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 4
Made in: Marche (Italia)
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Whole Summer Truffle

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Egg Tagliatelle
Egg Pappardelle
Black Truffle Sauce

By fragrant woods of the inland of Pesaro to the gentle hills of Macerata, this is the route to go to select the best truffles and and egg pasta. The Whole Summer Truffle and Black truffle sauce are prepared by Longhi Tartufi from Urbania (PU), the egg Pappardelle and Egg Tagliatelle are prepared by Azienda Luciani from San Ginesio (MC).

Truffles are delicious and intended for the most demanding palates, and they are enhanced by the combination with other foods, such as eggspasta. "Jewels on pasta" suggests just one of these great marriage, to enjoy two superb pasta dishes. Even the most inexperienced cooks will turn into an excellent chef in a few minutes, and diners will not soon forget this precious menu.

Prepared for:  those who want to improve their pasta dishes to astonish their guests. How to eat: Egg Pasta should be cooked following the instructions on the package or one of our recipes, the Whole Summer goes directly grated on pasta while the Bianchetto truffle slices are ready to be added to any dish, maybe with a caress of extra virgin olive oil or butter. 

Egg Maccheroncini with Summer Truffle and Egg Tagliatelle with Bianchetto Truffle