Legumes....What a Passion!


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A careful and scrumptious selection of legumes original of the Marche, this is the Tasting Experience "Legumes...What a Passion!" Cicerchia, Solfì Beans, Quercia Chickpeas, all native varieties of the Marche, these are legumes will allow you to cook very tasty meals both from the point of view of the organoleptic qualities and nutrients. Tasting Marche recommends you to prepare recipes along with a slice of Medium Hard Pecorino Cheese and a savouring Guanciale.

Type: Legumes, Cold Meats, Cheese
Number of Combinations: 5
Number of Items: 7
Made in: Marche (Italia)


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Guanciale contadino
Marasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Solfì Beans
Pecorino Cheese

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Fava Beans in EVO with Garlic & Wild Fennel

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Quercia Chickpea

Tasting Marche has chosen the legumes of Azienda Agricola Medei from Appignano (MC) and of “I Lubachi” from Fratte Rosa. For the cured meats Tasting Marche cooperates with Country Pig from Alteta di Montegiorgio (FM), and the Pecorino Cheese is prepared by Di Pietrantonio from Belforte del Chienti (AP).

Legumes are an exceptional source of protein and minerals; combined with cereals, they form a complete meal from the point of view of the amino acids necessary for the healthy functioning of our body. Two foods considered to be poor for a long time, Chickpea and Fava Bean, which is time to get to know and appreciate. With the Pancetta you can embellish legumes and cereals, while a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil will give the flavour of the traditional countryside of the Marche.

Prepared for: Recommended for those who want to control the line in a healthy and balanced diet. How to eat: The beans, chickpeas and fava beans can be used in a variety of soups, either alone, or together with other legumes, or combined with other cereals. The guanciale end pecorino cheese provide these soups with more flavour and dynamism, while the caress of raw extra virgin olive oil will add precious nutrients.

Maltagliati with pecorino cheese and fava beans, Poteatos and cicerchia minestra, Vellutata with chickpeas and croutons with garlic