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  • Little spicy Sausages
  • Little spicy Sausages
  • Little spicy Sausages

Little spicy Sausages


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If you like strong flavours, that wake up your palate, you can not miss these Little spicy Sausages. The best pork meat, with tasty cayenne pepper then we get these little sausages, perfect for a daring snack at any time of the day. Eat it on a hot toast or fresh bread, or to complete a nice pasta dish, these "little bites" will satisfy the most demanding gourmets!

Type: Spicy little bites
Producer: Country Pig
Produced in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 300g

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A tradition in Marche is to eat sausages in many different ways, just raw with fresh bread, cooked or enriched with spices and other ingredients that make them even tastier. Starting from tradition we get to this idea, these little sausage bites, small and spicy with tasty cayenne pepper, imported by the farm directly from Mexico.

The company Country Pig from Alteta Montegiorgio has a long history of dedication to work and traditions. In 1955, Serafino Bastianelli and Annunziata Salvatelli opened a mill to sell animal feeds. Subsequently, with the help of Giuseppe Salvatelli, a famous butcher of Alteta, Country Pig started its first 250 pigs livestock reared by traditional systems and fed by noble grains. Fifty years later, Country Pig continues to produce excellent cured meats with old techniques, attentive and selective, whose unique purpose is to savor the oldest tradition of cured meats of Fermo.

General Information: Cured meats are excellent au natural, simply accompanied by bread or paired with cheeses. How to eat: Cut the sausage into slices, not too thin to prevent the slice break, and enjoy it on fresh bread. You will receive the cured meats of Tasting Marche vacuum-packed, once opened store in the fridge.

Pork (fresh meats), salt, pepper, orange peel, garlic, anise, cayenne pepper preservative E252.

The perfect snack: just fresh bread with our spicy little sausages and Pecorino cheese from  Sibillini Mountains, obviously with a glass of “Vernaccia di Serrapetrona” DOC Torcular. Wine.

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