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A truly unique product, one of those typical countryside flavours of the Marche, recently ennobled by important chefs, Sapa is a grape syrup, coming from boiled must, excellent for flavouring sauces, or variegate desserts or celebrate the intense taste of aged cheeses. A real treat for connoisseurs and lovers of good Italian food, yet to be discovered!

Type: Grape Syrup, Sapa
Producer: Azienda Agricola Terre di San Ginesio
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight:  250 ml

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Sapa is made from must, boiled slowly in special pots until the evaporation lowers the volume to one third of the initial one. The elevate concentration of sugar prevents fermentation, thus Sapa contains no alcohol and, once prepared, is used as seasoning or sauce. It is good paired with aged cheeses, but also with fruit, over ice cream, even with meats. 

Terre di San Ginesio srl. Ripe San GInesio (MC). The motto of the Azienda Terre di San Ginesio is: "the quality comes from the vineyard" then, for the production of fine wine, they decided to be sure to have good grapes and decided to grow them directly. These vineyards are all located in the municipalities of San Ginesio and Ripe San Ginesio, in a hilly area particularly suited to growing grapes. The company focuses on the production of high-quality wines and on careful research of local food, offering unique and hard to find products.

General Information: Sapa is used as a condiment or sauce to variegate. How to eat: It is good with cheeses especially with the typical Foss cheese, but also with ricotta cheese, or served with polenta and meats. It is often used to variegate compositions of fruit and ice creams.

Cooked grape must. Without preservatives and without thickeners.

Let’s reinterpret a renaissance dessert moment: Marzipan Tortelletti Cookies, refined and delicious desserts prepared with organic almonds of the "Slow Food Presidium of Toritto," serving them with a Passito di Verdicchio and a taste of Sapa .... everything to awake all your senses