Tasting Marche logo is based on some symbolic elements having important meanings.

The tree is the perfect synthesis of tradition and strength. Firmly rooted in the ground with branches that stretch to the sky, it is a universal image, an element that lives and multiplies in an incredible variety of shapes. The logo shows two of them, in the sense of fertility and growth, in the form of a fork, to invoke the food concept, good and healthy when it originates from Mother Earth. The tops are made from concentric intense yellow circles, reminiscent of "skeins of spaghetti" and inspire infinity and continuity. 

The green woodpecker, placed in the middle of the trunk of one of the trees, is the symbol of the Marche, for this reason it has been included in the logo in a position that recalls the location of the Marche region in Italy. This symbol was created in the past, inspired by a Vers Sacrum, that is a ritual of Piceni population. During difficult times and famine, they made cruel sacrificial rituals, "The Sacral"; they chose a spirit guide, an animal, which in the case of Piceni was the green woodpecker. They departed from the Sabina and settled in the lands near the river Foglia and the Saline River, to give unity to the current Marche.