Menu Ideas


There is nothing more enjoyable to share the pleasure of being at the table with the company of your closest friends. Tasting Marche has created many tasting proposals for every moment of the day, where good food is combined with moments of joyful conviviality.

Our region is a land of rich and unique traditions related to wellness and good living, where the typical food and wine play a decisive role. That is why Tasting Marche has created for you a special menu selection tied to its more authentic and genuine traditions, discover them with us.

Whatever your lifestyle you will surely find it expressed in those of the four creators of Tasting Marche. Health Fanatic or Eno-Radical Chic, Traditional Chef or Intellectual Gourmand.... Come with us to discover the combinations we have created for you, because travelling through Marche you can live a lot of emotions, depending on your lifestyle.

Every fruit has its season: the beautiful summer offers variety and colours to the table with light and refreshing solutions, the sweet spring allows the slow awakening of all the senses, the cold winter will make you enjoy the warm pleasures of home cooking and the autumn will accompany you in magnificent woods to discover all the treasures that the earth can give.