Enjoy your meal

Marche is a land rich in traditions and culinary excellence. That's why Tasting Marche presents to you these Tasting Experiences "Enjoy Your Meal," some combinations to be tested during the most important parts of the day, when good food is combined with moments of joyful conviviality. Energetic food for breakfast; delicious flavours and nutritious food for the lunch; tasty and light break-hunger snacks; enchanting and relaxing appetizers to end the day; savouring and light ingredients for dinner; sweets snacks for the most curious and refined palates.

For many, the most important meal of the day, the one gives the necessary energy to face the new day. Whether you are glutton or those who prefer savoury flavours or a combination of both, Tasting Marche has created for you delicious and healthy combinations, genuine and original, to enjoy unforgettable breakfasts.

Those who love good Italian food know that lunch is an important meal. In fact no one can resist in front of the incredible range of dishes that animate every day Italian tables. In our region we do certainly no exception; that is why Tasting Marche has created many nad tasty combinations with which you can achieve your ideal dining to be enjoyed alone or with friends, why don’t you try it?

Nutritionists say it is important to have small snacks between the main meals, not to get too hungry and keep metabolism active. By combining this healthy principle to the popular tradition of the Marche, Tasting Marche offers original ideas for fabulous snacks, from those typical of the grandmother to those related to the ancient crafts, there is something for everyone!

When people talk about the pleasures of good life, Italians have no rivals. In the Marche, a region of Europe where people live longer, the quality of life is really priceless, for this reason we do not want to give up all those occasions in which we can enjoy our excellent food and wine with the people who make us feel good. Here the selection of Tasting Marche for some amazing aperitif: impossible to resist!

There are times of day when it is really nice to be fascinated by the pleasures of the table, slowly savouring all the emotions that we can experiment enjoying a good dish. The dinner is definitely the best opportunity to do so and Tasting Marche knows want to introduce to you these original combinations of products to prepare many dinners to be enjoyed alone, in pairs or with the right company.

Tasting Marche wants to present to you incredible temptations that can amaze and change your day; our tasting experiences could not miss the delicious snacks, many delicious ideas to satisfy your hunger and satisfy both body and spirit. A wonderful why to satisfy your hunger and to recharges your battery.