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  • The Mountain Man's Snack
  • The Mountain Man's Snack
  • The Mountain Man's Snack
  • The Mountain Man's Snack
  • The Mountain Man's Snack
  • The Mountain Man's Snack

The Mountain Man's Snack


Chosen for you by the Traditional Chef
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All the scent of the mountains of the Marche in this Italian food basket, prepared by Tasting Marche, which contains Truffle Sauce, Pecorino with Herbs, Traditional Sausages and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tenero Ascolano. Strong taste for the palate and sharp aroma for the sense of smell; they definitely are suited to those who need to have an energetic and nutritious break.

Type: Sauces, Cheese, Cured Meats, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tasting Combinations: 3
Number of Items: 4
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 1 kg

Availability: In stock

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Traditional Dry Sausages
Tenero Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml
Black Truffle Sauce
Pecorino Cheese with Herbs

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Tasting Marche has chosen to rely on the professionalism of Longhi Tartufi from Urbania for the Truffle Sauce with Black Truffle, the experience of the dairy Di Pietrantonio from Belforte del Chienti (AP) for the Pecorino with Herbs, the care of the butchery Country Pig from Alteta di Montegiorgio(MC) for the Traditional Sausages and the dedication of Oleificio Silvestri from Spinetoli (AP) for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Tenero Ascolano".

A cutting board with cured meats, cheeses and crispy bruschetta is a very common appetizer in Italian restaurants and especially those in the Marche region. Through this food basket you will taste undeniable quality Italian food; is important to note that this combination of products gives strong flavours but also very intense aroma recalling beautiful mountain scenarios.

Prepared for: A rich and fragrant snack ideal for those who need a break. How to eat: Cured meats and cheeses are used to prepare appetizers and snacks, but also to improve the flavor of the first and second courses. The truffle sauce and extra virgin olive oil are excellent to make special  bruschetta and appetizing crostini .

Bruschetta garlic and oil Bread and Cheese Bread and Sausages
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