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  • Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea
  • Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea
  • Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea
  • Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea
  • Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea

Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea


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It is so incredibly exciting to read and reread the “Infinite”, one of the most famous opera by Giacomo Leopardi, you get to the final stanza, " Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea" almost with tears in the eyes. In the honour of the genius of Recanati and his passion for the sweets, Tasting Marche  prepares this combination of products: Acacia Honey, to dissolve in the mouth or spread over Peaches in Syrup, Anise Ring Shaped Cookies, tasty and crispy, served with a sweet Passito di Verdicchio Lina, a true flavours poem!

Type: Honey, Fruit in Syrup, Cookies, Wine
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 4
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 1.2 kg

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Passito di Verdicchio Lina

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Organic Peaches in Syrup
Anise Ring-Shaped Cookies
Honey 40g

It is just between the gentle slopes of our hills, so beloved by the young Leopardi, that we found the excellence of this particular tasting experience: Acacia Honey of Apicoltura Nomade from Montegiorgio (FM), Peaches in Syrup of Cooperativa Agricola San Michele from Corridonia (MC), Anise Ring Shaped Cookies of Vapoforno Olivari from Castelraimondo (MC), Passito di Verdicchio Lina Cantina Santa Barbara from Barbara (AN).

“Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea” is a Tasting Experiences that Tasting Marche has prepared relying on the eating habits of the famous poet from Recanati, Giacomo Leopardi, who seems inordinately eat, preferring sweets. And who could blame them if the sweetness comes from golden acacia honey, delicious peaches in sugar syrup, fragrant anis cookies covered by icing? 

Prepared for: Great thinkers, young students, enthusiastic scholars who want to nurture the spirit and mind with the noblest sweetness, as Leopardi did during his " crazy and desperate studio." How to eat: acacia honey can be eaten alone or spread on bread, fruits or biscuits, or even just to use as a sweetener for hot and cold drinks, peaches are ready to be enjoyed alone paired with ice cream or yogurt, anis ring shaped cookies are a great snack or dessert perfect if paired with a sweet wine, such as the Passito di Verdicchio, to be served at a temperature between 16 and 18 °.

Anis Cookies and Passito di Verdicchio, Peaches in Syrup with Yogurt and Acacia Honey
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