Sunday Flavours


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After a busy and tiring work week, the Sunday lunch is a very pleasant custom; the family shares the pleasures of the table with relatives and close friends. Egg Tagliatelle are excellent served with the Organic Tomato Sauce with Vegetables. As tasty second dish, enjoy Sausages pickled in Oil, paired with croutons with Ascolana Green Sauce and Fava Beans Sauce wild fennel. A sparkling  Sensuade Rosé, fresh and aromatic. As dessert why don’t you taste Amarena Cherries paired with a sumptuous Grappa di Verdicchio Pignocco.

Type: Cured Meats, Egg Pasta, Sauce, Amarena Cherries, Wine, Spirit
Tasting Combinations: 3
Number of Items: 8
Made in: Marche (Italia) 
Net Weight: 3.6 Kg


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Egg Tagliatelle
Grappa di Verdicchio Pignocco

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Sausages Pickled in Oil

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Organic Tomato Sauce
Sensuadé, Rosato IGT

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Fava Beans Pâté with Wild Fennel

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Sour cherries Syrup

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Ascolana Green Sauce

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Tasting Marche chose products that contain all the traditions of the good life of the Marche. The Egg Tagliatelle Pasta of Celiano from San Ginesio (MC), Organic Tomato Sauce with Vegetables of Cooperative Agricola San Michele Arcangelo from Corridonia(MC), Sausages pickled in Oil of Country Pig from Alteta Montegiorgio (FM), the Ascolana Green Sauce of Oleificio Silvestri from Spinetoli (AP), the Fava Beans Sauce of Lubachi from Fratterosa (PU), the Amarena Cherries of Corte Luceoli from Cantiano (PU), Sensuade Rosé and Grappa di Verdicchio Pignocco of Santa Barbara from Barbara (AN).

"Sunday Flavours" is one of the combinations that best represents the joy of being at the table on holidays: red tagliatelle rolling wisely on the forks, soft sausages spread on homemade bread, the unmistakable taste of green olives stuffed and of fava beans sauce, with a glass of rose wine, which feeds the joy and calls for a toast. Finally, the palate will be definitely satisfied with a light dessert and that will also help digestion, thanks to the combination of fruit and brandy, both of the highest quality.

Prepared for: Those who like to cook for friends, to celebrate the Sunday or any other occasion where good food and good drink become protagonist. How to eat: cook the egg tagliatelle according to what is written on the packaging or by using one of our recipes, the sauce is ready to be heated with some good extra virgin olive oil, the Sausages  pickled in oil should be spread on bread, even the olive sauce and the fava beans sauce are ready to use. The wine should be served at a temperature of 8/10 ° and amarena cherries are ready to be eaten gently soaked in grappa.

Traditional Red Tagliatelle, Tasty Croutons, Amarena Cherries & Grappa
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