Traditional pleasures

Among the most important traditions of the Marche, there are those related to breeding, cultivation of the land and its fruits according to the working of the oldest farmers' wisdom. It is just to these valuable but simple typicality that are inspired the combinations of Tasting Experiences called "Traditional Pleasures," through four special proposals. A selection of Sweets, combined tasty and deliciously; a tasting selection related to pig products, sausages and salami that are derived from the processing of pork, a selection of proposals based on Truffles, the jewels of the earth from the slopes of the Apennines, and finally a variety of combinations related to local Legumes of the Marche, cultivated with expert hands according to the most ancient traditions.

Among the many exceptional products that Mother Nature gives us the truffles are definitely one of the most valuable and sought after. In the Marche region having wonderful forests where all species of truffles used in gastronomy are born, from the white to black one, without forgetting the bianchetto and its variations. From the tradition of truffle derive the proposals of Tasting Marche dedicated to the precious tuber and the incredible goodness that you will get from its processing, real treasures to bring to your table.

Imagine being surrounded by the sweet scents coming from the oven, where delicious cookies are baking, immerse yourself in the most authentic traditions of the Marche, made of hard-working women creating amazing goodness with few ingredients, come with us to discover the products more attractive to satisfy gourmands of all ages. Here there are our sweetness, tasty proposals of Tasting Marche to satisfy your desserts desire or to surprise your guests with an exceptional meal ending.

Perhaps few people know that in the Marche region you live very well and for a long time, it is the most long lived region in Europe! There are no big secrets, than the healthy and genuine food, rich in products that green hills generously offer. Legumes are definitely one of them, with their amazing variety and a goodness that is hard to describe in words. Try our proposals dedicated to beans, fava beans, lentils, chickpeas and cicerchia, you will love them!

The Marche offers many culinary traditions; the one of cold meats is really part of the history of our land, one dedicated to the processing of pork. In the past, the day of the "pista" or "salata" was a feast for the whole family and represented a guarantee of food throughout the winter; Tasting Marche wants to show to you these incredible tasting experiences, dedicated to all wonderful high quality meats that are obtained from pigs reared only in our region, in full respect of Marche’s tradition.