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In a region full of green hills and fragrant meadows, sweetness comes  from the earth and its precious fruits. It is really a hymn to the tastiness of this wonderful combination of fruit products: Honey and Nuts can be enjoyed on its own or to garnish a cup of yogurt, Cherrie Jelly with Passerina Wine and Fox Grape Extra Jam, two wonderful opportunities to savour delicious fruit on savoury cheeses, Amarena Cherries in Syrup, perfect for topping ice cream, Lonzino di Fico, to discover the lost yesteryear flavors, Organic Peaches in Syrup, delicious to eat alone or to make a superb salad.

Type: Honey, Fruit Jams, Fruit Jelly, Fruit in Syrup, Pastries
Tasting Combinations: 4
Number of Items: 6
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 1.8 Kg 

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Product Name Price
Amarena Cherries of Cantiano, 450 g
Organic Peaches in Syrup
Lonzino di Fico
Cherry Jelly in Passerina Wine
Organic Fox Grape Preserve, Extra Jam 210gr
Honey and Dried Fruit

Availability:Out of stock

Tasting Marche’s specialties of this wonderful tasting experience: Honey and Nuts of Apicoltura Nomade from Montegiorgio (FM), Cherries Jelly with Passerina Wine from Sapori dei Monti from Massignano (AP) Organic Fox Grape Extra Jam and Organic Peaches in Syrup of Azienda Agricola San Michele from Corridonia (MC), Amerena Cherry in Syrup of Azienda Bussotto from Cantiano (PU), Lonzino di Fico of Cooperative La Bona Usanza from Serra dei Conti (AN).

The taste of sweetness is not only linked to high-calorie and high in fat foods; in this "Fruit & Passion" Tsting Experience gluttony is satisfied completely from the best sugars nature offers, those of honey and fruit. Special products of hives and vineyards, beautiful and fragrant plants, such as cherries, amarena cherries, peaches and figs, expertly crafted by skilled craftsmen and enthusiasts, in order to offer all the flavour and good fruit in any time of the year.

Prepared for: all lovers of fruit, capable of being moved in front of a spoonful of jam or precious sweet syrups, creating an unforgettable dessert. How to eat: all of these products are ready to use and can be enhanced in combination with other treats, like cookies, ice cream, yogurt or any other food to stimulate the imagination.

Peaches with yoghurt, honey and dried fruit, Bread with fox grape extra jam, Ice cream with Amarena Cherries, Lonzino di Fico and cheese