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Traditionally, in the Marche the dessert time is made of products with simple, genuine and authentic flavours, like cookies and sweet wine. Tasting Marche has selected for this sweet and delicate tasting experience a truly exceptional combination: Tasty Ring Shaped Cookies, Tozzetti with Almonds, perfect to sop up, Trancini Cookies, crisp and full of nuts, Anis Ring-Shaped Cookies, with aniseed, Verna San Ginesio Spumante Dolce and Picenum Vino Cotto, two real delights for connoisseurs.

Type: Cookies, Wines
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 6
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 2.3 Kg 

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Vernà, San Ginesio Spumante Dolce

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Almond Tozzetti Cookies
Picenum Vino Cotto, 375ml

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Trancini Cookies
Anise Ring-Shaped Cookies
Tasty Ring Shaped Cookies

You will surely fell in love with this "Love & Vernaccia & Vinocotto" Tasting experience, enjoying the precious cookies a wonderful artisan bakery with the two dessert wines typical of the Marche: Tasty Ring Shaped Cookies, the Tozzetti Almond, the Trancini Cookies and Anis Ring-Shaped Cookies are preperade by Vapoforno Olivari from Castelraimondo (MC), Verna San Ginesio Spumante Dolce and Picenum Vino Cotto are preperad by Terre di San Ginesio from Ripe San Ginesio (MC).

To end in style a lunch or a dinner, do not miss a delicious dessert and this Tasting Experience offers the opportunity to do so without any commitment, bringing to the table the best pastries of the Marche, to be savored slowly, sipping precious wines. Crispy fragrant biscuits, wine and anise scented, blend perfectly with a Sparkling Red Sweet Wine and with the typical Vino Cotto.

Prepared for: Anyone who does not give up the sweetness of the dessert and who want to discover the authenticity of the traditional products of the Marche. How to eat: the cookies are ready to eat, they can also be enhanced by jams and honey, or used to garnish creams and ice creams. La Verna Spumante Dolce and Vino Cotto should be served at a temperature of around 15 °C.

Tasty Ring Shaped Cookies and Tozzetti with Vernaccia and Trancini and RIng Shpaed Cookies with drunk aniseed