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  • Truffle...What a Passion!
  • Truffle...What a Passion!
  • Truffle...What a Passion!
  • Truffle...What a Passion!
  • Truffle...What a Passion!
  • Truffle...What a Passion!

Truffle...What a Passion!


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It is a true passion the one that can arise for truffles; precious tubers with a distinctive flavour and fragrance. Tasting Marche offers an amazing sensory experience in the woods of Marche stimulated by Tagliolini with Summer Truffle topped alternately with Spinach Sauce with Truffle or Truffle Sauce, all to sprinkle with shaved Whole Black Truffle.

Type: Truffle based products
Number of Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 4
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 400 g

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Spinach Sauce with Truffle

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Truffle Sauce
Whole Summer Truffle

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Tagliolini with Summer Truffle

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The truffles are very abundant in the Upper Valley of the Metauro and have always been considered the kings of the culinary arts; that’s why Tasting Marche has chosen Longhi Tartufi, operating since the 60s, as a reliable partner for its selection of truffles based products.

The precious tubers, loved by gourmets from all over the world, are truly fond of food, and are able to create memorable dishes and recipes, with a few simple ingredients. The Spinach Sauce with Truffle and black truffle with which the two sauces are produced in this food gift, are the most fragrant varieties, while Tagliolini with Summer Truffle is a splendid example of how pasta can turn into an exceptional dish.

Prepared for:  those who want to improve their pasta dishes to astonish their guests. How to eat: Tagliolini should be cooked following the instructions on the package or one of our recipes, the Whole Summer goes directly grated on pasta while the Bianchetto Truffle Sauce and the Black Truffle Sauce are ready to be added to any dish, maybe with a caress of extra virgin olive oil or butter. 

Bruschetta with two truffles; Tagliolini with Truffle In&Out