Tasting Trips

Tasting Marche has chosen culinary excellences representing all the territiory of the Marche. Tasting Marche aims at driving visitors in real Tasting Trips travelling troughout the Marche Region. From the slopes of Montefeltro to the hills around the Monte Conero, looking out over the Adriatic sea, from the hinterland of Ancona to the Sibillini Mountains, from the hills of Corridonia to the palms of Grottammare through the Chienti Valley. Therefore, eating the products selected by our Tasting Experience means knowing all the areas of a rich and varied region, such as the Marche, savouring different scents, experimenting different ways to combine the ingredients, one by one, discovering the diversity and the richness of all the provinces of the Marche. Each Tasting Experience will allow those who try it to make a journey through the flavours and colours, including the traditions and authenticity, and, choosing the ideal mix, the virtual traveller will enjoy to see on the map the route that Tasting Marche has made for him, to find, select and enjoy these tasty delicacies. So what are you waiting for? Choose one tasting experience, and once tasted .... we are sure you will be convinced to come to the Marche, to see personlly our wonderful land!