Tasting Characters

The creators of Tasting Marche want to introduce themselves and each of them has created some customized Tasting Experiences, really in line with their tastes, to share with those who will look down on the site and experience the suggested match. "Lifestyles" presents four different way to interpret the life: the health fanatic prefers light but tasty and well-balanced foods; the style of the Traditional chef, deeply rooted in the family and ancient flavours, which will offer a feast of tastes rich in history; the intellectual gourmand’s style, really passionate by sweetness and delicious combinations, unique delicacies that only she will be able to find with her infinite curiosity; and finally the style Eno radical chic, elegant and insatiable, sophisticated and original, she will show you a really special journey. And you, which style do you prefer?


Health Fanatic

I have been always incredibly passionate of food and healthy eating, feeding my passions through researches, travels, books and.....taste explorations. I have been ever fully convinced that there is no better way to discover the culture and tradition of people near and far, than taste what they eat. Here I am, an health fanatic taste explorer; still searching Life, the real one , the one that comes from within you, the one you want to live. My fanaticism is not limited to the choice of healthy foods, low-caloric and "BIO" foods, I am a great lover of sports:.....pilates and spinnning twice a week, idrobike usually on Saturdays and on Sundays I dedicate myself to long ride spinning and functional training. With me you will explore natural and simple tastes...the ones do not leave "remorses", than follow me if you are health fanatic like me.


Traditional Chef

If I were a dish I'd be a bruschetta with fresh tomatos, basil and mozzarella (simple, genuine, authentic and honest ), if I were a wine I would be an aromatic Verdicchio (opulent,fruity and a romantic wine).That's who I am, a woman who loves combine family and work and who loves cooking to her relatives and friends.Surrounded by the pure nature around the place where I live to cook is a joyful moment for me. Cooking for me is happiness, taste, color, temptation, sensuality, experimentation and pleasant relax ... As taste explorer, I look for traditional tastes and genuine products, it is important to watch what you're cooking for the people you love. In my kitchen, I always make experiments and look for curious match able to whet the appetite of my men, both the youngest and the oldest ones. Follow me smelling ingredients, tap with your fingers and enjoying the sound and texture of foods.



People often think I am a snob, and no make a mistake, even if I prefer the definition of "demanding", but the reality is that I know how appreciate the finer things, and I can recognize if something is trendy or not ... and I do this also for food and wine. I always need something that surprise and amaze and something could perfectly meet the needs of my taste, always with elegance. Having discovered that wine and all its history is equally as interesting and intertwined in culture as the food with which it is paired, I became maniac of the right and best balanced match between food and wine. I am a glamorous taste explorer and I will bring you in an exclusive and selected environment that only few people deserve to attend.


Intellectual Gourmand

I have been a gourmand all my life, from the time I tasted for the first time my grandmother's apple pie. I take the principle of gourmandize, enjoying to the fullest in all areas of my life. I thoroughly enjoy cooking for my friends and sharing new tastes around a communal table. Passionate about art history and committed as a museum guide, I think the food is really an experience that must be lived to the full involvement of all the senses as well as an artwork.. It is important to communicate the stunning experience of taste and I hope to do it in the proper way. Here I am and this is my world: I hope to share with you... my passion for good eating and in particular for chocolate and the other sweets.