About Us? Four women with different ages representative of the whole female universe. Students, mothers, wives, professionals, sportswomen, nature lovers, industrious, good cooks, hard working and, above all, passionate. These are the qualities enclosing by the team of Tasting Marche. And why not, we like to point to the curriculum of the team, instead of that of single individuals, because the union is strength, and each of us enriches the others communicating experiences and not common knowledges. 

The Curriculum of the Team

Education and Training

Education and training: our team can boast 4 degrees: 2 in Economics and Management, 1 in International Political Science, 1 in Cultural Heritage; three of us attended the Master in Business Strategy and Management of ISTAO, acquiring managerial skills in various areas. 

Professional Skills Together we count 45 years of professional experience in multinational companies and public institutions, belonging to different sectors (fashion and footwear, training and consulting, marketing research, cultural tourism and food). We have gained expertise in the field of Sales Management, Strategic Marketing, Management Control, Market Research and we have coordinated many important projects. We want to integrate our personal skills in Tasting Marche’s project. 
Languages spoken English, French, Spanish, German. Some of us have lived abroad for years; others have worked or managed daily relations with counterparts in other countries. The team has gradually acquired language skills and intercultural negotiation. 
Common Interests Passionate of good food, we love to cook and select new products, enjoying them with people we love. We love to travel and explore new worlds, we have lived and travelled all over the world, living and studying different cultures. We like to read, to be surrounded by friends and family. Some of us play sports, others follow the sporting achievements of their children, and, of course, we love to have a healthy lifestyle.