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Brunch is a convenient compromise between a less formal lunch and a tasty breakfast, along with the opportunity to propose any type of food, either sweet or salty. So, in addition to the fragrant Traditional Biscuits, Organic Jams and refreshing Fruit Juices, you can enjoy a savoury Monterotti Larded Salami and a slice of Chilli Pepper Pecorino Cheese softened by Acacia Honeydew. The Brunch has no rules; therefore, eat what inspires you the most!

Type: Cured Meats, Organc Fruit Preserves, Honey, Fruit Juices, Pecorino Cheeses
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 7
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight:  2.3 kg

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Acacia Honey 250g

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Organic Plum Preserve, Extra Jam
Larded Salami Monterotti
Organic Apricot Preserve, Extra Jam

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Corn flour and raisin biscuits - Le "Beccute"
Chilli Pepper Pecorino Cheese

Thinking about those who prefer a breakfast that combines sweetness and savour, Tasting Marche has chosen the Larded Salami of Salumificio Monterotti from Sarnano (MC), the Organic Extra Preserves of Plums  and the one of Apricots of Coop. Sociale San Michele Arcangelo from Corridonia (MC), the Acacia Honeydew of Apicoltura Nomade from Montegiorgio (FM), Chilli Pepper Pecorino of Di Pietrantonio from Belforte del Chienti (AP), Beccute Biscuits of Rinascimento a Tavola from Urbino and Pink grapefruit and cardamomo juice of Pierre Dolce al Cuore from Santa Maria Nuova (AN).

The characteristic of the Brunch is to be a meal including two moments of the day, breakfast and lunch. Breakfast should be a light and digestible meal, but, considering that you decided to do a brunch, you have to be satiated enough not to get too hungry for dinner. The proteins and fats content in cured meats and cheeses have a fundamental role to turn breakfast into a satiating meal while fibers, vitamins and minerals contained in fruits provide essential nutritional supplements for your body as well as the daily use of pure and natural honey provides energy, health and wellness.

Prepared for: The brunch is typical of Sunday mornings, when you get up later than usual and you do not want to wait until lunchtime to eat a square meal. How to eat: The cured meats are excellent served with bread while the Pecorino Cheese is perfectly exalted by a tablespoon of Melata Honey. Honey is also a perfect sweetener and the fruit juices, diluted with mineral water, are nutritious and refreshing.  

Bread, Butter and Honey, Bread and Jam, Bread and Salami, Pecorino and Honey