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The Gourmands'Breakfast


Chosen for you by the Intellectual Gourmand
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Tasting Marche invites you to start your day with delicious Almond Crescent Cookies whose flavour is enhanced by the genuineness of Organic Fruit Extra Preserves. The Gourmands'Breakfast cannot miss a refreshing Fruit Juice or the energy of Fruit in Syrup, but especially the delicate flavour, sweet and light of a tablespoon of Hney-dew Honey. The ideal breakfast for those who need to feed their mind and at the same time to please the palate.

Type: Cookies, Fruit Juice, Organic Fruits Preserve, Fruit in Syrup
Tasting Combinations: 2
Numer of Products: 7
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight:  2 kg

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Product Name Price Qty
Organic Peaches in Syrup
Mid-Hills Honeydew 250g
Organic Plum Preserve, Extra Jam
Organic Strawberry Preserve, Extra Jam

For the most gluttonous, Tasting Marche has chosen the Almond Crescent Cookies of Vapoforno from Castelraimondo(MC). The Organic Strawberry Extra Preserve, the Organic Plums Extra Preserve and the Organic Peaches in Syrup of Coop. Sociale San Michele Arcangelo from Corridonia (MC), Honey-dew honey of Apicoltura Nomade from Montegiorgio (FM) and Plum and coriander Juice of Pierre Dolce al Cuore from Santa Maria Nuova (AN).

Defined by experts as "the most important meal of the day," breakfast is a ritual in which we are fond of since childhood. The ideal breakfast should be healthy and tasty; fibers, vitamins and minerals contained in fruits provide essential nutritional supplements for our body as well as the daily use of pure and natural honey provides energy, health and wellness. Obviously, you cannot miss a touch of sweetness given by the house made cookies.

Prepared for: The Gourmands' Breakfast is ideal for those who love waking up "with sweetness", combining  the virtues of fruit and honey together with a gluttun whim of almond cookies. How to eat: The fruit preserves are great on toasted bread and cookies, honey is a perfect sweetener and the fruit juices, diluted with mineral water, are nutritious and refreshing.  

Peach Tarte; Honey and Cookies; Peaches and Juices; The and Biscuits; Bread, Butter and Jam;