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Both for those who regularly practice sports and for those who decide to start any physical activity wasting energy, it is essential the rhythm of food ingestion, alternating properly snacks with main meals. For all snacks, Tasting Marche has selected the best: Plums in Syrup, Organic Linden Honey, Organic Peach Extra Jam, Amarena Cherries, Pear and Apple Juices and Crik Crok Cookies, for tasty combinations of energy and health.

Type: Honey, Extra Jams, Cookies, Fruit Juice, Fruit in Syrup
Tasting Combinations: 3
Number of Items: 7
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 1.9 Kg 

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Product Name Price
Linden Honey 500g
Pear Juice
Apple Juice
Organic Peach Preserve, Extra Jam
Amarena Cherries of Cantiano, 450 g
Organic Plums in Syrup

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Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers, the fruit is essential to be weel-trained, as well as honey, can provide readily available calories and not harmful to the body. The important thing is that these products are manufactured by skilled hands, like those of our craftsmen. Here for you the Organic Plums in Syrup and Organic Peach Extra jam of Azienda Agricola San Michele from Corridonia (MC), the Linden Honey of Apicoltura Nomade from Montegiorgio (FM), the Amarena cherries of Azienda Agricola Bussotto from Cantiano (PU) the Pear and apple Juices of Sapore dei Monti from Massignano (AP), the Crik Crok Cookies of Vapoforno Olivari from Castelraimondo (MC).

To have a regular physical activity, you have to enjoy healthy snacks to break the hunger and not run the risk of running out of energy. "Train with me", the tasting experience proposed by the Health Fanatic of  Tasting Marche, includes a number of valuable ideas for tasty snacks, ideal both before and after physical or mental efforts. Here organic Plums and Amarena Cherries in syrup to be enjoyed alone or in original smoothies, Plums Extra Jam and Linden Honey, for real energising "spoonfuls", Crik Crok Cookies with raisin and Apple and Pear Juices for a delicious and healthy snack.

Prepared for: The frantic pace of the days, among work commitments and sports, will not be a problem, if you have access to properly snacks being able to provide energy to tackle any challenge. How to eat: Plums in Syrup and Amarena Cherries are delicious au natural, very good if you blend them with water or milk for tasty smooth; appreciated for its therapeutic properties, a spoonful of Linden honey is pure energy and naturally sweetens every drink; the Plum extra jam is great alone or combined with the fragrant Crik Crok Cookies with raisin. Fruit Juices are 100% fruit and should be slightly diluted and served with fresh mineral water with ice or at room temperature.

Plums Milkshake, Yogurt with Amarena Cherries and Honey, Fruit Juices and Cereals Cookies