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  • Truffle Pesto Sauce
  • Truffle Pesto Sauce
  • Truffle Pesto Sauce

Truffle Pesto Sauce


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Just perfect this Truffle Pesto: an ideal partnership the one between basil and truffle. This delicious sauce is made with simple ingredients apparently distant from each other, basil, truffle, almonds and Parmesan cheese, but combined together to give strong and indelible emotions on the palate. The Italian Pesto sauce enriched by fragrant notes of truffle is a great condiment for really scrumptious pasta dishes, but should not be underestimated even to fill foccacia and sandwiches or to enhance cured meats based fillings. 

Type: Pesto Sauce with Truffle
Producer: Longhi Tartufi
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 90 g 

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Pesto is one of the most popular toppings made of basil of Italian culinary tradition, especially that of Liguria. The edition made by Longhi Tartufi adds Parmesan cheese, almonds, ricotta cheese, tomatoes and the superb Bianchetto Truffle-Tuber Albidum Pico (10%). Truffle fragrance give a characteristic flavour that goes perfectly with the taste of basil.

Longhi Tartufi. Via Roma 103. 61049 Urbania (PU). Truffles are very abundant in the upper valley of Metauro and have always been considered the kings of the culinary arts; that is why the places where truffles grow are carefully kept secret by collectors. The history of Longhi Tartufi began in the '60s in Urbania, where Domenico Longhi opened a small truffle industry by capturing the collection of “the tartofaner”. Some of these "jewels" were processed and shipped to big cities such as Rome, Milan and Genoa. The small family business has gradually grown over the years, and it continues to increase thanks to the hard work and dedication of the new generations. Showing great love for the land and indissoluble attachment to tradition, Longhi Tartufi gives special attention to the selection of truffles, to offer consumers high quality products processed according to traditional family recipes.

General Information: Truffle Sauces are delicious both au naturel and added to meals during the final stage of cooking. How to eat: Great spread on toasted bread or canape to serve delicious appetizers. Perfect for season pasta: just slightly heat them up in a pan with the addition of a drop of pasta cooking water, to make them more fluid. Once cooked and drained pasta, according to the specific cooking suggestions, add it to the truffle cream chosen and blended for a few minutes over medium heat.

Basil, ricotta cheese, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, salt, parmigiano reggiano cheese, Bianchetto truffle (tuber albidum pico 10%), sunflower oil, natural flavours. Nutritional Values for 100 gr: Energy Kcl 329, Kj 1357; Fats 31,6 gr of which acid satured fats 14,8 gr; Proteins 8,9 gr; Carbohydrates 0,5 gr of which sugar 0,0 gr; fibers 3,3 gr; salt 1,0 gr.

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