The project Tasting Marche is based on some fundamental values held by the founding members: 

The Marche , as well as Italy, is rich in tradition, history and culture. Each product often tells a story: that of a family who has devoted a lifetime to perfect a recipe, or that of a fruit that seemed to have disappeared and that someone has rediscovered with love and passion, and even to those who every day with sweat and fatigue takes care of the animals in the pastures to obtain the most delicious milk and cheese. To discover traditions, listen to testimonials and stories of the past is one of the values on which Tasting Marche is based. The regional culture and tradition may be known and appreciated by the younger generation, by those who live far away and longs of this land and who will learn to know and to love it. 

The excellences are in the hands of micro productive realities not able to face international markets; this limit, must be changed into a great opportunity, because the fragmentation of production guarantees an offer with a variety and peculiarity nowhere to be found in other Italian regions.  A technologically advanced web-based platform, a multi-channel sales strategy and an innovative social media planning are the levers on which the formula Tasting Marche combine tradition and innovation. 

Tasting Marche is based on the principle of sharing experiences with friends, clients, web followers and this puts the information at the centre of its mission. Inform means to tell in detail the products characteristics and their origins, the ingredients they coontain and the territories of origin, the history of the manufacturers and their peculiarities. But it also means to inform and, above all, teach how best to enjoy and use this product: how to prepare and store, how to pair them with drinks and how to combine them into tasty pairings and recipes. 

Among the values on which it is based Tasting Marche there is “Respect”: respect for the producers to be done sharing common goals; respect for customers to build a trusting relationship that lasts over time; respect for the traditions and cultures so that it can pass on something unique and true; respect for people who work with Tasting Marche so that it creates a stimulating work environment and friendly atmosphere in order to have an ethics and responsible business.