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Visciole Under the Sun


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To all the lovers of cherries, Visciole is the product for you. The Visciole Under the Sun have a very suggestive name; their particularity is to be derived from natural dehydration of whole fruit, left to macerate under the sun in its own juice. The jar just opened emanates a wonderful scent and the flavor of these wild cherries will remain forever etched in your memory.

Type: Fruit in Syrup
Producer: Azienda Agricola I Lubachi
Made In: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 220 g

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Visciola is a variety of wild cherry that grows naturally on calcareous and argillaceous ground. This product is completely natural and the only agent that acts on these fruits is the sun, which pulls out the juice in which the cherries are immersed and contains all the sweetness and intense aroma of the fruit. Its fluid consistency makes it absolutely perfect for the preparation of creams based desserts, but also to realize pleasant cocktail.

Close to the town of Fratte Rosa (PU), Azienda Agricola i Lubachi cultivates cereals and fodders with the organic method. The company's goal is to rediscover old traditional productions combining respect for origins with respect for the land. The company participates to the project of varietal recovery of Fava Bean of Fratte Rosa, collaborating with the Experimental Institute for horticulture of Monsanpolo del Tronto(AP) and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Ancona. The company bears the name of the land where is located, in fact, Fratte Rosa is on heavy clay soils known as "I Lubachi".

Thanks to its authentic flavour of ripe fruit, fruit in syrup is delicious to be enjoyed by itself at the end of a meal. It is good also paired with a fruit salad or a yogurt for a tasty and nutritious breakfast or, even better, with ice cream. Fruit in syrup is ideal to make baked cakes and stuffed pies. 

Imagine that tasty snack, a cup of Peaches In Syrup, Visciole Under the Sun sprinkled with Honey and Dried Fruit and a glass of Moscatell ... too good!

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