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It is just to onomatopoeia that mimics the sound of someone who greedily and voraciously eats something that Tasting Marche inspired to create this irresistible combination of flavours: Ciauscolo, Sausages Pickled in Oil, Lonza, Prosciutto and Guanciale, all amazing Italian cured meats. By eating slices of fresh bread or to be used for sandwiches, delicious focacce, piadine, pizzas ... and so on and so forth, it is a veritable ode to taste.

Type: Cold Meats
Tasting Combinations: 5
Number of Items: 5
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight:  4.7 kg

Availability: In stock

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"Marchigiano" Soft Salami
Guanciale contadino
Sausages Pickled in Oil
For this series of delicacies coming from the pig, were selected: Ciauscolo, Sausages Pickled in Oil, Lonza, Prosciutto and Guanciale of Pig Country, Alteta Montegiorgio (FM), produced only with pigs of its breeding and processed with traditional recipes handed down from one generation to another.

The pride of the regional gastronomy, the pork cold meats are a real delight for the palate, especially if the origin of the meats and the accuracy of the workmanship guarantee the highest quality. How to resist the softness of ciauscolo and that of a juicy sausage pickled in oil? And, for lovers of seasoned products, there is nothing better than a superb Lonza or Prosciutto, as it will be impossible to remain indifferent to the fragrant Guanciale, versatile and perfect to create magnificent meals.

Prepared for: Lovers of excellent quality pork cold meats searching  for treasures foods can be enjoyed by itself or to propose to friends and family. How to eat: Ciauscolo should be cut into thick slices and can be eaten on bread or used to make tasty recipes; Sausages pickled in oil may be eaten au naturel without gut; Lonza and Prosciutto should be thinly cut and are great as appetizers, paired with vegetables or fruit; Guanciale can be cut into slices and is perfect for tasty bruschetta, or it can be used, following perhaps one of Tasting Marche’s recipes, to produce dishes of various kinds.

Spaghetti with ciauscolo, Croutons with zucchini and sausage, Polenta with Fava beans and Lonza, Spinach and Guanciale Pie, Prosciutto and Figs Appetizer