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  • Honey 40g
  • Honey 40g

Honey 40g


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The acacia honey is undoubtedly the most famous and popular among the honeys. Its unique and extremely clear  colour and very sweet taste and aroma make this honey one of the absolute favourite among lovers of the precious nectar. It is very well suited to be paired with the sweet as well as savoury products, to create a great contrast on the palate.

Type: Honey
Producer: Apicoltura Nomade
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 250 g

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As its name promises, the Acacia Honey is born from the nectar of flowers of Acacia or Robinia that bees, diligently and patiently, capture and turn into honey. The main feature of this product is the high content of fructose, which is the basis of the low tendency to crystallize of this honey and the high sweetening power. The secret of its success is the fact that it has gold- liquid colored with a mild aroma, slightly floral, making it perfect to suit every taste.

Apicoltura Nomade di Micucci Graziano. Località Crocedivia 28/A. Montegiorgio (FM). Beekeeping in the Micucci family has ancient origins, practiced by the head of the family as hobby since 1968, is a tradition that has gradually come to successive generations that have made a real profession. Currently, the company can count 150 hives, a number that is constantly growing. The experience gained over the years has allowed these beekeepers to enhance the quality of honey "whole virgin", extended with a production that boasts several quality crops, by virtue of the various seasonal blooms. Another important characteristic feature of these producer is the "nomadic in beekeeping", this practice involves the transfer of the hives always in different sites in order to intercept the most varied blooms of the Marche region. Apicoltura Nomade di Micucci Graziano. Località Crocedivia 28/A. Montegiorgio (FM).

General Information: The Honey is a delicious, healthy and, above all, energetic product. Perfect to savour on its own, a teaspoon after another, the honey is definitely a perfect sweetener for many beverages. Delicious as garnish on a variety of foods, such as yogurt, fruits, biscuits, but also savoury products such as aged cheeses or meat recipes. How to eat: Open the honey pot and pick the desired dose with a teaspoon and then enjoy it as you wish. Once used, close the pot and store in a dry place, but never in the fridge.

Acacia Honey. This honey has not had heat treatment or pasteurization of refining . All his natural biological components are intact .

For a champions’snack Tasting Marche recommends Organic Peaches and Plums in Syrup with a cascade of Acacia Honey. Yum yum!