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  • Acquavite di Visciola
  • Acquavite di Visciola
  • Acquavite di Visciola

Acquavite di Visciola


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Acquavite di Visciola is a specialty product made with a superfine Visciole of Cantiano, red and inviting amarena cherries that contribute to improve the taste of spirits with their soft and round taste and their intense and enchanting scent. Ideal as an accompaniment to dark chocolate or a fruit dessert, or just after a meal; it will give unique sensations on the palate and its sweet will warm up even the coldest winter nights.

Type: Acquavite alla Visciola
Producer: Azienda Bussotto
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Alchol Content %: 40% 
Taste: Soft but intense
Aroma: Visciola fragrance
Colour: Shining 

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This special fruit liquors is produced by a discontinuous method in steam bath of Viciole di Cantiano. The heating of the cherries with the system takes place in a water bath, where the steam passes through the gap and by convection gradually heats the cherries placed inside the copper pot, which without suffering burns, have all the time necessary to enrich alcohol and flavourings, to obtain a soft and fragrant spirit.

Azienda Bussotto aims at maintaining a fruit that represents a pearl of food excellence of the Marche, the Visciola of Cantiano (small town located in the Province of Pesaro Urbino). The family business offers on the market small pearls of taste and quality, that stand out for their rarity and the difficulty of access to them. Few people will have the pleasure of tasting their products because there are few fruits in the area. People having tasted them, felt in love with these fruits and everything that is able to give.

General Information: The distillates are excellent to enjoy after a meal as a digestif or with chocolate, dark or milk, to fruit cakes or biscuits, to bring out the flavours. How to use: Open the bottle and pour into liqueur glasses. Close the bottle and store in a dry place away from heat and light.

Water, Visciole cherries, alchol

For a tasty little dessert Tasting Marche suggests a glass of Acquavite di Visciola paired with Cuori di Cacao Cookies and Anise Ring Shaped Cookies.

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