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Caffè Moka Varnelli


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A liqueur with an intense coffee aroma, Caffè Moka Varnelli is made with lots of cups of the highest quality espresso coffee. A charge of pure energy that will overwhelm you since the first taste. Moderate alcohol content, this liqueur is great with the dessert, alone or mixed with excellent anisette and it reaches perfection when poured over ice cream or used as an ingredient for delicious cocktails. If you are looking for a way to offer your guests a truly memorable end of the meal, you have just found it.

Type: Caffè Moka Varnelli
Producer: Distilleria Varnelli Spa
Made in: Italy  
Alchol Content %: 30% 
Taste: Espressp flavour
Aroma:Intense Coffee aroma
Colour: Mokka


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The Caffè Moka Varnelli is ideal at the end of the meal, with its intense coffee aroma and taste. Its moderate alcohol content (about 30%), makes it much loved by those who do not like too strong liquors. Made with the finest quality espresso, should age a long time to settle its special character. You can drink it straight, with ice or adding a drop of anisette; superb poured over ice cream, or as an ingredient in cocktails tasted close to the dark chocolate.

Distilleria Varnelli Spa. Via Girolamo Varnelli, 10, 62034 Muccia (MC). Founded in 1868 by Girolamo Varnelli, the Varnelli Distillery is now at the fourth generation and is run by four women. The founder lived in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, now a National Park, and, studying medicinal plants of Marche Region, thought about many liqueurs recipes, including the famous Amaro Sibilla, much used as antimalarial and antipyretic in the past.Anyway, the great invention of the family was made by his son Antonio Varnelli that, interpreting and refining the widespread prescription of Marche anisette, created the "Varnelli": strong, elegant and unique anise-flavored drink that quickly became the flagship of the Varnelli Distillery enough to carry on the family name. Keeping artisanal production techniques unchanged in nearly two centuries, Varnelli Family produces liqueurs and spirits scrupulously respecting the tradition and ever updating and proposing more lively and attentive to the needs of the market without altering the quality and intrinsic value of the products. All this has ensured and continues to keep the recognition and the great loyalty of the most demanding and refined palates to Varnelli’s products all over the world.

General Information: The distillates are excellent to enjoy after a meal as a digestif or with chocolate, dark or milk, to fruit cakes or biscuits, to bring out the flavours. How to use: Open the bottle and pour into liqueur glasses. Close the bottle and store in a dry place away from heat and light.

Liqueur prepared with coffee espresso. Nutritional value for 100ml: Energy 1299 KJ/310 kcal; Fats 0 g (of which satured fatty acids 0 g); Carbohydrates 36 g; (of which sugar 0 g); Fiber 0 g; Proteins 0 g; Salt 0 g.

Offer your guests a perfect end of the meal: a glass of Cafe Moka Varnelli, a Dark Chocolate Bar Criollo and some crunchy Trancini Cookies.