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Choco Party


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If you want a chance to have a party and you are glutton, organize immediately a "Choco Pary" with very crispy Chocolate Tozzetti, pleasures of senses, Crik Crok Cookies, a real treat for the eyes and palate, Spreadable with 58% Hazelnuts Chocolate an irresistible goodness can be enjoyed in many different ways, Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 85%, for those who love the absolutely dark, and “Bassinati” Almond Pralines, a real "drug" for lovers of chocolate and nuts.

Type: Cookies, Chocolate
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 5
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 1 kg


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Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 85%
Crik Crok Cookies with Raisin

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Chocolate “Tozzetti” biscuits

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“Bassinati” Almond Pralines
Spreadable with 58% Hazelnuts Chocolate

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Two real delicacies manufacturers producing taste combination introduce "Choco party" made up: Chocolate Tozzetti and Crik Crok Cookies of Vapoforno Olivari, from Castelraimondo (MC), the Spreadable with 58% Hazelnuts Chocolate, Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 85% and “Bassinati” Macadamia Nut Pralines are prepared by Cioccolateria Mencarelli, from Castelplanio (AN).

A Tasting Experience for true chocolate lovers, those who cannot live without sweet temptations. A winning combination of cookies and an irresistible creamy spreadable chocolate paired with cakes and donuts, chocolate and crunchy pralines for meditation. Are you able to resist?

Prepared for: True lovers of chocolate and gourmands of all ages will adore this selection. How to eat: Cookies are simply opened and eaten, making sure to close the bag to keep them for a long time, the spreadable chocolate with olive oil is delicious on its own, on bread, on cakes and cookies and it is perfect for decorating delicious dessert, dark chocolate is simply snapped and bassinati eaten alone or in combination with coffee or liquor.

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