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A lot of  chocolate delights perfect to give something special to your loved ones this Christmas. A selection of sweets: 4 assorted chocolate tablets, the delightful Spreadable Hazelnut Chocolate and Original Chocolate from le Marche tube with the extraordinary pralines filled with liquors from le Marche porduced by Cioccolateria Mencarelli, then moved to the exquisite Baci di Dama Cookies of Pasticceria Mimosa and finally Cuori di Cacao Cookies produced by Rinascimento a Tavola. Have a sweet Christmas time with this special gift! 

Type: Chocolate, cookies
Tasting Combinations: 8
Number of items: 8
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 700gr 

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Box 31X18X6,5 cm
Spreadable with 58% Hazelnuts Chocolate

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Dark Chocolate Bar with Chilli Pepper
Baci di Dama Cookies

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Milk Chocolate Bar With Coffee
Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Criollo
Cuori di Cacao "Pocket" Cookies
Original Chocolate from the Marche
Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Trinitario

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There are many wonderful specialties selected by experts. For these chocolate temptations we have selected: 4 chocolate bar, Milk chocolate with coffee, Milk chocolate and yogurt, Classic milk chocolate, and Milk chocolate with salt, the Original chocolate from le Marche tube and the Spreadable hazelnut chocolate of Cioccolateria Mencarelli from Castelplanio; Baci di dama cookies are the result of the skillful hands of the Master Pastry Chef Roberto Cantolacqua of Pasticceria Mimosa Tolentino, and finally Cuori di cioccolato cookies are one of the best creations of the Rinascimento a Tavola from Urbino. 

Christmastide is the best time to be pampered and indulge yourself with some gluttony, so enjoy all the pleasures of our chocolate bars, or delight you papillas with our pralines filled with traditional liquors, or discover, bite by bite the the delicious Baci di dama cookies, or reaching the climax with Cuori di cioccolato cookies topping with our Spreadable Hazelnut Chocolate. 

Created for: chocolate lovers and for anyone who want a delighful gluttony for the Christmastide. How to taste: Cookies are simply opened and eaten, making sure to close the bag to keep them long time, the chocolate bars could be eaten bite by bite, the chocolate pralines could be eaten simply or in combination with coffee, finally you could use the spreadable hazelnut chocolate on biscuits , for a tea party.