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  • Ciauscolo Salami IGP
  • Ciauscolo Salami IGP
  • Ciauscolo Salami IGP

Ciauscolo Salami IGP


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It is the king among the cold meats in the Marche Region, the product that perhaps more than any other characterizes the cooking traditions of our beautiful region. Ciauscolo Salami Igp is the unmistakable spreadable salami absolutely perfect to enjoy with fresh bread and to become the protagonist of every aperitif. Salumificio Monterotti, with a ten-year tradition in the production of sausages, realizes it with selected meat and a whole process in the hands of skilled craftsmen, aiming at offering products that enhance the true taste of tradition and authenticity. Take the opportunity to enjoy this excellence of our territory, it will win you over from the very first bite.

Type: Spreadable Salami Ciauscolo IGP
Producer: Salumificio Monterotti
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 550g

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Ciauscolo Salami IGP is made exclusively with the best meat of pigs breed in the Marche Region. Their slaughter and processing is entrusted to the most skilled workers, which in total respect of the quality and wholesomeness of the product, realize a unique sausage. The feature that makes it unique is the "spreadability", especially on fresh bread, and this particular, combined with the unique taste, make a tasty sausage, really impossible not to love.

Società agricola Pacioni e Monterotti a r.l. Sede operativa: contrada Cardagnano 302, 62028 Sarnano (MC). Salumificio Monterotti specialized for years in the production of cold meats derived from pigs raised in the pristine lands of Marche. Since more than forty years ago, they are produced hams, salami, wild boar salami, porchetta, lonza, ciauscolo IGP and many other sausages. Using only natural seasoning, all products marked Monterotti accrued on strictly following the times dictated by nature that gives them the flavors that technology can never bring. All sausages are tasty yes, but always with an eye to health to daily satisfy every palate.

General Information: Cured meats are excellent au natural, simply accompanied by bread or paired with cheeses. How to eat: Cut the sausage into slices, not too thin to prevent the slice break, and enjoy it on fresh bread. You will receive the cured meats of Tasting Marche vacuum-packed, once opened store in the fridge.

Fresh Pork meat, salt, wine, pepper, garlic, preservative E252. Nutritional value for 100 gr: Energy 1632 kj; Energy 390 kcal; fats 34,3 gr; satured fats 13,1 gr; proteins 16,8 gr; carbohydrates 3,7 gr; of which sugar 0,2 gr; salt 3 gr./span>

A must for every table in the Marche Region: fresh bread with a great Ciauscolo IGP, a generous slice of Pecorino Cheese of the Sibillini Mountains and a nice glass of Serrapetrono DOC Torcular.