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  • Crescia Cingolana
  • Crescia Cingolana
  • Crescia Cingolana

Crescia Cingolana


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If there is one thing Tasting Marche loves, is to offer ever new delicacies of our region to be enjoyed, so we have selected for you this exquisite Crescia of Cingoli, a thin and extremely inviting that matches perfectly with cheeses and cold meats, an attractive substitute to bread that you will appreciate and treasured. 

Type: Crescia
Producer: Villa Ugolini
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 450 g

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The Crescia Cingolana produced by Villa Ugolini is a special type of focaccia, which probably has the same origin of the piadina. What makes it special and irresistible is the particular cooking way, which takes place on the grill giving it a unique taste.

The company Villa Ugolini is a corner of the Marche where past and present meet; the building in which many culinary excellences are prepared has a long tradition and its history dates back to 1600, when it was built by the Ugolini family, and was owned by it until  1991, when it was sold to the current owners Pierino Angelucci and Raffaela Rango, thanks to the bonds of affection and friendship that since several generations linked the two families. The two owners produce with passion and dedication many original products of the Marche, the numerous types of crescia and the most original fruit and vegetable preserves.

General Information: The Crescia does not need a special preparation, it should be only slightly heated before being brought to the table. If you do not consume the whole package, it should be stored in the refrigerator tightly closed. How to eat: The Crescia should be placed on a hot pan and let it warm up for a few minutes on one side and then the other, once hot, serve it with cold meats, cheeses or cooked vegetables.

00 flour wheat, water, sunflower seeds oil, yeast, salt. Homemade cooked on wood embers. Allergens: wheat. No preservatives. Store in a refrigerator at 4 °.

Treat yourself with a tasty meal, heat the Crescia Cingolana and stuff it with our Ciauscolo and slices of Medium Hard Pecorino dei Sibillini... a real delicacy!