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Dream with Me


Chosen for you by the Intellectual Gourmand
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An abundance of sweetness provided by the best biscuits of the Marche and two exceptional dessert wines: Passito di Lacrima di Morro D'Alba, Passito di Verdicchio Lina, meditation wines of the highest quality, Brutti e Buoni Cookies, crisp and rich in cocoa, Farfalle alla Marmellata Cookies, Marzipan Tortelletti Cookies, with precious fillings, Cherries puff pastry tart, with a delicious sugar  icing.

Type: Cookies
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 4
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 0.8 Kg 

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Marasche Puff Pastry Tart in Box
Raffaello Tortelletti Cookies

Tasting Marche has selected these excellences that will satisfy even the most discerning palate: Buoni Cookies and Farfalle alla Marmellata Cookies of Vapoforno Olivari from Castelraimondo (MC), Marzipan Tortelletti Cookies and Cherries puff pastry tart of Rinascimento a Tavola from Urbino (PU).

With "Dream with me" Tasting Marche offers a combination of dry cookies and dessert wines of exceptional quality, to be enjoyed after a meal or on a special occasion, to win the heart of the gourmands with the perfect marriage between tradition and excellence .

Prepared for: Lovers of sweetness and those who do not want to give up a great dessert to celebrate an important moment. How to eat: the cookies are ready to eat, can also be used to garnish creams or ice creams.