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  • Eating an Hot meal
  • Eating an Hot meal
  • Eating an Hot meal
  • Eating an Hot meal
  • Eating an Hot meal
  • Eating an Hot meal

Eating an Hot meal


Chosen for you by the Traditional Chef
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The coldest season of the year, when you need just to stay at home around the fireplace with the people you love. Tasting Marche has created this selection of foods thinking give you all the energy and taste needed to deal with the rigors of winter, but also to experience the full essence of this great season invites pampering. An excellent Polenta with Summer Truffle dressed by Porcini Mushrooms Sauce and a drizzle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and magnificent Liver sausages to pair with a fragrant slice of Pecorino with Truffle.

Type: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mushrooms Sauce, Cheese, Cured Meats, Polenta with Truffle
Number of Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 5
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 1.5 kg

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Truffle Pecorino Cheese

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Liver Sausages

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Marasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Polenta with Summer Truffle

Tasting Marche chooses the best craftsmen to make recipes rise to the occasion; Polenta with Truffle and Porcini Mushrooms Sauce are made by Longhi Tartufi from Urbania, the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is prepared by Cooperativa Agricola San Michele Arcangelo from Corridonia, the Liver Sausages are a clever production of the farm Country Pig from Alteta di Montegiorgio and finally the Truffle Pecorino Chees is the work of the dairy Di Pietrantonio di Belforte del Chienti.

In winter the body need to increase the calories assimilated to fight the rigors of winter, and a good hot meal, delicious and tasty, help to warm up and cuddle. Tasting Marche has prepared this selection dedicated to winter thinking about your own health but also to your gluttony and your curiosity. Polenta, Mushrooms, Cured Meats and Cheeses: all foods inexhaustible source of energy and flavour.

Preparato per: Coloro che vogliono prendersi cura delle persone che amano regalando sapore e tenerezza. Come gustarlo: La polenta  va cotta in acqua versandola lentamente e mescolando continuamente, una volta cotta va versata su un piatto piano in modo che si stenda bene, e si può condire con l’olio extravergine di oliva e la crema di funghi porcini che sarà stata precedentemente scaldata. I salumi e i formaggi vanno serviti su un tagliere accanto al pane fresco, focacce o crostini caldi.

Polenta with Truffle and Porcini Mushrooms; Liver Sausages and Chicory
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