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Egg Quadrucci


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Dough made from durum wheat semolina and whole fresh eggs, bronze dies and slow drying at very low temperatures, that is the Egg Quadrucci of San Ginesio. A well known egg pasta shape, especially because this is also present in the Campofilone pasta's range, ideal for cooking hot and fragrant soups that will make you discover the particular flavors of the culinary excellence of the Marche.

Type: Egg pasta
Producer: Azienda Agricola e Agrituristica Luciani Diego
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net weight: 500 gr

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Homemade egg pasta is one of the gastronomic delights of San Ginesio, the town in the province of Macerata, surrounded by woods and on the border of the Natural Park of the Sibillini Moutains. These Egg Quadrucci are made with simple ingredients: durum wheat semolina, whole fresh eggs shelled by hand and the pure water of Fargno. The homogeneous mixture obtained by combining these three ingredients is hand rolled with rolling pin, and then forced through a bronze die. These Quadrucci are similar to the traditional ones; they have a more coarse cut and are larger than industrial ones. After that, the Quadrucci are dried very slowly at low temperatures in order to retain all the nutrients included in the wheat and the eggs.

Agricola Luciani Diego. Sede Legale Contrada S.Croce, 86. 62026 San Ginesio (MC). Laboratorio: Contrada Vallimestre, 4, Località Celiano. 62026 San Ginesio (MC).The passion for pasta of the Luciani Family is handed down from generation to generation. Once the grandmothers were the ones who, with a rolling pin and wooden counter top, did not lose an opportunity to make delicious egg pasta, recently the grandson Diego, fascinated by this art, decided to embark on a real mission: to make the tradition of egg pasta of the Marche known to the rest of Italy and abroad. The laboratory is located in San Ginesio, a place standing out for its clean air, healthy climate, charming country and enviable calmness. The Azienda Agricola Luciani produces egg pasta, typical of the tradition of San Ginesio, offering different shapes: quadrucci, maccheroncini, spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle, mezze maniche, conchiglioni and strozzapreti.Azienda 

General Information: The egg pasta is easy to prepare; dressed just cooked or sautéed in a pan; it is excellent with tomato based or meat based sauces, fresh vegetables or fish. The pasta should be stored in a cool dry place and should not be exposed to the sun. How to eat: Bring a large pot of water to a boil ( around 1 litre for every 100 gr of pasta that you want to cook); season with salt and add pasta. Cook pasta in boiling water 5 minutes, stirring softly with a wooden spoon to prevent pasta from breaking. Drain the pasta and serve it with your preferred sauces and seasonings.

Durum wheat semolina and whole fresh eggs category A. Percentage of egg 27,6%, very slow drying at low temperature. The water used comes from the Consortium of Fargnio located within the Mountain Sibillini National Park. Typical values serving size 100 gr: energy 369 Kcal, 1543 Kj; Fat 3,56 gr of which saturates 1,03 gr; Protein 13,57 gr; Carbohydrate 73 gr of which sugar 3,97 gr; dietary fibres 2,6 gr; salt 0,44 gr.

The bean soup of Solfi di Serra dei Conti finds a perfect combination with Egg Quadrucci of San Ginesio, and the caress of a drizzle of Extra Virgin Oil of Tenera Ascolana turns the dish into a unique experience.