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Elixir of Love


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Every opportunity we have to make a gift to the person who makes our heart beat, and to conquer definitely; here's the solution: our "Elixir of Love." Hearts of cocoa, delicious shortbread filled with romance, Lavender and Acacia Honey, sweet nectar for body and soul, Chilly pepper flavoured dark chocolate , a "hot" variation for fans of the genre, the Lonzetta di fico pralines, superb chocolate praline with filling surprise red like passion, and bassinati to send her fondant with praline, an irresistible temptation to savor in two.

Type: Honey, Chocolate, Cookies
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 5
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 1 Kg 

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Lonzetta di Fico Pralines

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Cuori di Cacao Cookies
Lavender and acacia honey
Dark Chocolate Bar with Chilli Pepper

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Almond Praline covere with dark chocolate

Among artistic masterpieces, flourishing valleys and villages perched on the hills, it is in this wonderful combination of our beautiful Marche who work the creators of the products of the "Elixir of love": the Cuori di Cacao Cookies are of Rinascimento a Tavola from Urbino (PU) the Lavender and Acacia Honey is of Ambrosia from Sirolo (AM), the Chilli pepper flavoured dark cocolate, Chocolate Pralines with lonzetta di fico and dark chocolate with almond are of Mencarelli from Castelplanio (AN).

A Tasting Experience cleverly combining romance and passion, magic like love. Chocolate, honey, chilli pepper, pomegranate, almond, all foods known since ancient times for their unquestioned ability to awaken the senses. Then, why don't you try to spread a chocolate cookie with a touch of Lavender and Acacia honey , bite  chocolate with chili pepper, melt in the mouth by a chocolate soft filling of figs and enjoy a crunchy almond praline covered with fine dark chocolate can really topple every heart in love!

Prepared for: Those who want to conquer their lovers. How to taste: The cookies are just open and eaten, with the foresight to close the bag to keep them long, honey is delicious by itself, on bread, on cakes and cookies and is perfect for sweetening hot or cold drinks, the tablet chocolate is simply snapped, chocolates and bassinati eaten alone or in combination with coffee or liqueurs.