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  • Emmer Wheat Savoury Cookies
  • Emmer Wheat Savoury Cookies
  • Emmer Wheat Savoury Cookies

Emmer Wheat Savoury Cookies


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A real treat these Emmer Wheat Svoury Cookies, dedicated to those who wish to combine taste and lightness. They are delicate shortbread made with organic emmer flour, Slow food Toritto almonds and Parmigiano Reggiano, a meeting of perfumes that will be appreciated by anyone who prefers refined tastes but persistent. Their pleasantly aromatic flavour makes them very interesting to combine with a fancy drink, but also to nibble one behind the other.

Type: Savoury Cookies
Producer: Rinascimento a Tavola
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 200 g 

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Emmer Wheat Salty Coookies are made according to the traditional recipes of the Marche, especially in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino. They are shortbread cookies made with emmer flour, strictly organic, Slow food Toritto almonds and Parmesan Cheese made from the milk of red cows, all ingredients selected to obtain a high quality product, which maintains a deep connection with the history and traditions of the Marche region.

Rinascimento a Tavola is a brand of gourmet products, including sweet and savory biscuits, born from the passion of its creator, Daniela Storoni, for Renaissance culture. Located in Urbino, one of the cradles of the Italian Renaissance, on the hills of the Southern area of Montefeltro, this laboratory of excellence contains a synthesis of culinary excellence of the Italian Renaissance courts, through the use of specific techniques for the preparation and culinary and symbolic references. Today, as in the ducal court of five hundred years ago, the excellence guides the protagonists of this small entrepreneurial story, constantly searching evidence of the past with the aim at satisfing the most discerning palates. 

General Information:  Salty cookies not need any special preparations but they should be served accordingly to the occasion, in the most appropriate and appealing tray. Being baked products free of preservatives, once opened it should be used within a few days to savour the characteristics of the product, or stored in an airtight box away from moisture. How to eat: Salty cookies can be pleasing protagonists of tasty snacks, breakfasts or tea break but can also be a great as aperitif; they should be served, according to the occasion, with tea, coffee, wines or cocktails, in their simplest version or together with a teaspoon of honey or cold meats and cheeses.

Organic spelt flour 44%, butter, Almond from Toritto (Slow Food Presidium), Parmigiano Reggiano, Salt, organic cane sugar, black pepper

For a healthy snack, suitable for children, Tasting Marche recommends Emmer Wheat Salty Coookies with slices of Prosciutto and an Apple Juice.

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