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  • Jam Farfalle Cookies
  • Jam Farfalle Cookies
  • Jam Farfalle Cookies

Jam Farfalle Cookies


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Lovers of short crust pastry will be definitely captured by these Jam Farfalle Cookies, with their particular shape that satisfy the taste even more than the view. Their soft fruit jam filling makes these cookies be never banal, and every bite of these soft and sweet specialties thought to refer to the simplicity and genuineness of a homemade tart.

Type: Short Crust Pastry with Jam
Producer: Vapoforno Olivari
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 200 g

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Jam is one of the ingredients much used by Vapoforno Olivari to enhance the fillings of its cookies and pies. Prepared with a soft pastry made with sugar, eggs, flour and margarine, Jam Farfalle Cookies are also enhanced by the jam, tasty heart of these sweet specialties. The typical butterfly shape makes these cookies particularly pleasing to see and serve at the table and take delight young and old people alike for breakfast or tea break or a simple dessert.

Vapoforno Olivari, founded in 1991, is located in Castelraimondo, at the slope of the Sibillini Mountains, where stands the Castle of Lanciano. The skill of Giovanni Rossetti, together with its genuine hospitality and that of other family members, make this bakery became a laboratory of the Marche excellences where the use of selected raw materials and the rediscovery of ancient techniques of preparation of the products, are perfectly combined with the creativity. The Vapoforno Olivari is characterized by a wide assortment of sweet and savoury cookies, and, each day, traditional local delicacies are produced, cookies and baked products for special occasions, in addition to many types of bread, from the traditional to the newest one, able to satisfy every palate. 

General Information:  Cookies not need any special preparations but they should be served accordingly to the occasion, in the most appropriate and appealing tray. Being baked products free of preservatives, once opened it should be eaten within a few days to savour the characteristics of the product, or stored in an airtight box away from moisture. How to eat: The cookies can be pleasing protagonists of tasty snacks, breakfasts or tea breaks but can also be great as dessert; they should be served, according to the occasion, with tea, coffee, hot chocolate or sweet wines, in their simplest version or together with a teaspoon of jam, honey or fruit jelly.

00 flour, sugar, margarine, eggs, baking powder, aromas, jam.

Perfect for breakfast or a snack with hot tea, the Jam Farfalle Cookies of Vapoforno Olivari can be combined with a sweet wine Passito di Verdicchio Lina; perfect for a very romantic after dinner.

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