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  • Farmer’s Soup
  • Farmer’s Soup
  • Farmer’s Soup

Farmer’s Soup


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The name of this rich soup suggest us who used to ate this product in the past. Our farmer was a real food expert and he used to tasted this special mix of legumes and cereals in order to be full of energy. The list of ingredients is: emmer, barley, husked cicerchia, chickpea and lentil, a very special mix , in aim to create delicious and tasty meal that you can not do without.

Type: Emmer, barley, husked cicerchia, chickpea and lentil soup
Producer: Fattorie Subrizi
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 500 g

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Legumes and cereals soup are one the most healty meal, they are special for body and soul. The main characteristic of the Fattorie Subrizi soup is the high quality selection of ingredients. In fact  all legumes and cereals are cultivated with old production techniques, in a  unique environment: the Sibillini Moutains.

Fattorie Subrizi has started their business in the late nineteenth century, they used to cultivate with traditional methods in high altitude fields between 300 and 500 m. Since this period agriculture has changed a lot, but their company has continued with the same old traditional techniques. Fattorie Subrizi has always used antique methods like lunar calendar, in aim to respect the environment. Today their production have a lot of legumes and cereals: from toasted barley to legumes used for soup and cereals.

General information: Legumes are perfect for the creation of delicious soups, but with the addition of tomato sauce or other flavours, they can also be used to toss pasta dish. In any way you want to enjoy them, you need to cook them first. How to eat: soak the legumes for approximately 12 hours. Boil them in salted boiling water for about 40 minutes, or at least until they are tender. Enjoy them according to the recipe you have chosen.

Emmer, barley 70%, husked cicerchia, chickpea and lentil 30%.

For a nutritionus and incredibly tasty meal prepare you Farmer’s soup with Rolled Pancetta and serve with a fine glass of Brecciarolo Rosso Piceno Superiore.

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