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  • Grappa di Rosso Conero
  • Grappa di Rosso Conero
  • Grappa di Rosso Conero

Grappa di Rosso Conero


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The superfine Grappa di Rosso Conero is the result of careful and accurate distillation of the vinacce of Montepulciano grown in the sunshine of Monte Conero and caressed by the sea breeze. This distillate is really valuable as an accompaniment to chocolate desserts or fruit, dessert for a truly unforgettable experience. Its smooth taste and at the same time persistent and pleasant will leave the palate special sensations.

Type: Grappa di Rosso Conero
Producer: Cantina Moroder
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Alchol Content %: 44% vol
Taste: Strong
Aroma: Pleasntly aromatic
Colour: Amber yellow

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The distillation of vinacce of Montepulciano is carried out in a discontinuous manner, in copper boilers for steam, then move on to an aging of 12 months in small oak barrels of various types and origins. The prolonged aging in fine woods grants a beautiful amber colour, delicate hints of vanilla and nuts, as well as the palate alcoholic strength and softness and elegance at the same time.

The Moroder family, originating from Val Gardena, after having perfectly rooted in the territory of Ancona with thriving businesses, has decided to passionately dedicate to agriculture, focusing exclusively on the production of the wine, so much to do Rosso Conero an excellent product. Always oriented towards the production of high quality wine, the company Moroder focus on the cultivation of wine grapes, native of the Conero, achieving in 1988 the "Tre Bicchieri"of Gambero Rosso. Today the company is one of the top viticulture in the Marche and is a member of the Committee Grandi Cru of Italy.

General Information: The distillates are excellent to enjoy after a meal as a digestif or with chocolate, dark or milk, to fruit cakes or biscuits, to bring out the flavours. How to use: Open the bottle and pour into liqueur glasses. Close the bottle and store in a dry place away from heat and light.

For a delicious desserts Tasting Marche proposes Grappa di Rosso Conero with Tasty Ring Shaped Cookies and Biscottini Sciroppati Cookies.

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