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  • Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate pralines
  • Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate pralines
  • Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate pralines

Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate pralines


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Hazelnuts and milk chocolate is always a charming combination. So nothing is better then these hazelnut pralines milk chocolate bar to enjoy a true sweetness break. Quality milk chocolate with a center made with the finest hazelnut praline and  spreaded hazelnuts grains, a true poetry of flavours, enclosed in a enchanting  chocolate.

Type: Hazelnut paste and hazelnut praline in a milk chocolate bar
Producer: Chocolate Mencarelli
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 100g


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The hazelnut pralines milk chocolate bar is a real discover of flavours and sensations. Starting from the finest milk chocolate shell then finding an heart of tasty hazelnuts that satisfy the palate. Finally up to the chopped hazelnuts that give an intense aroma, which awaken the feelings.

Cioccolateria Mencarelli was born from the will of the Master Chocolatier Paolo Mencarelli  to reinvent chocolate as valuable raw material. Starting from Castelplanio, in the heart of the Alta Vallesina Valley, Paolo Mencarelli and has looked for the best cocoa beans, which comes from South America and Madagascar, and refining his technique of chocolate maker, managed to create a new combinations and unexpected interpretations; he has made fine pralines and confectionery specialties made from pure chocolate, improving with Mediterranean flavours the chocolate tradition of the Marche.

General Information: The chocolate is delicious savoured alone or enjoyed with liqueurs and spirits at the end of the meal, to enhance its taste. A small dose of chocolate is also suitable for a tasty snack, for both adults and children, and it can also be used to prepare desserts and cakes. How to Eat: Once the package is opened it should be stored well packaged in a dry place.

Toasted hazelnuts (45%), sugar, milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour. Allergens: soy products, dairy products, hazelnut. It may contain traces of dried fruit and nuts, peanut, sesame, gluten.

If you love hazelnuts in every way try our bars with hazelnut pralines, our Spreadable Hazelnuts Chocolate and the delicious “Bassinati".hazelnuts pralines.. So, hazels forever!

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