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Eating well matters in Marche Region. It's based on our ancient tradition and on our pleasure to share with family some high quality fresh ingredients. To create a 100% Marche's menu is not difficult with these wonderful products like the soft salami. It comes from an historical farm from the village of Alteta, near Montegiorgio (FM). Then hot pepper pecorino cheese from Belforte del Chienti (MC) continuing with the truffles sauce from urbania (PU) and macaroni pasta made with eggs from San Ginesio (MC). Finally a sweet great ending with these shortbreads made with almonds from Castelraimondo (MC) and chocolate pralines “Cioccolosità delle Marche” from Castelplanio (AN). Bring on your table these amazing flavours, it will be a success.

Type: pecorino cheese, cured meats, sweet cookies, chocolate pralines, egg pasta, truffle sauce.
Tasting Combinations: 6
Number of Products: 6
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 3 kg 

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"Marchigiano" Soft Salami

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Egg Maccheroncini
Almond Tozzetti Cookies
Truffle Sauce
Original Chocolate from the Marche
Chilli Pepper Pecorino Cheese

The soft salami from Marche is made from Bastianelli's farm “Country pig”, Di Pietrantonio is the name of the dairy farm, the eggs pasta is made from “La pasta di Celiano”, company “Longhi tartufi” makes the truffles sauce, almonds shortbreads are made by bakery “Vapoforno Olivari” and the brand “Cioccolosità delle Marche” belong to Mencarelli pastry shop.

This assortment of products is perfect for those who want to experience the true flavours of Marche. Our soft salami matches perfectly with the tasty pecorino cheese, therefore the fresh pasta macaroni from our tradition combines with the unique taste of the truffles sauce. The almond shortbreads and Cioccolosità delle Marche, the fabulous stuffed dark chocolate pralines filled with liqueurs from Marche such like sour cherry wine, anisette, cooked wine, “grappa di Verdicchio”, “moretta from Fano”, are the perfect ending for our enjoyable menu.

The Marche soft salami should be cutted into slices and eaten onto fresh bread, focaccia or piadina. The tasty pecorino cheese is perfect either alone or combined with fruit jam or honey. The fresh pasta macaroni will cook very quickly and can be served with truffles sauce that is also ready and perfect to put onto a crispy toasted bread. The almond shortbreads are good at the end of the meal or for a sweet break, as well as Cioccolosità delle Marche, so good alone or together with a good coffee.

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