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Marche Style


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Cured Meats, Fava Beans and Truffles, in line with the authentic Marche style. This selection of products is designed to allow you to prepare a dish of local Larded Salami and Traditional Sausages, accompanied by crisp bruschetta with truffle sauce or Fava Beans Cream

Type: Cured Meats, Fava Beans and Truffles
Tasting Combinations: 2
Number of Items: 4
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 1 kg

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Fava Beans Pâté with Chilli Pepper

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Larded Salami

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Traditional Dry Sausages
Ascolana Green Sauce

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Black Truffle Sauce

Larded Salami and Traditional Sausages chosen by Tasting Marche are those of the Norcineria Country Pig from Alteta Montegiorgio (MC), the Fava Beans Cream is that of I Lubachi from Fratte Rosa (PU) while Truffle Sauce is the one of Longhi Tartufi from Urbania. 

The cured meats are always used in typical Italian aperitifs. To prepare this food basket Tasting Marche has chosen ingredients for an aperitif more dynamic and unusual than the classic one. These cured meats are typical of the Marche and very rare in the rest of Italy as well as the Fava Beans Cream. 

Prepared for: The aperitif "Marche Style" is ideal for those who want to discover the Marche tasting its main products. How to eat: The cured meats are ideal paired with bread while sauces and creams can be spread on toasted crisp.

Crostini caldi with Fava Beans sauce and Salami and Truffle Bruschetta and Sausage
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