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My Dear Pig


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Since ancient times, in the Marche, the livelihoods of rural households were entrusted to a large animal, the pig. This yummy combination of foods is dedicated to the wonderful products of the butchery of the Marche: Ciauscolo, the typical salami, Larded Salami, seasoned and tasty, the Traditional Dry Sausages, naturally delicious on bread or lightly roasted , the Lonza, queen of cured meats and ideal for stuffing a delicious sandwich and the Rolled Pancetta, indispensable ingredient to cook succulent dishes.

Type: Cured Meats
Tasting Combinations: 4
Number of Items: 5
Made in: Marche (Italia) 
Net Weight: 2.3 Kg

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Rolled Pancetta
Larded Salami Monterotti
"Marchigiano" Soft Salami

For this series of delicacies coming from the pig, were selected: Ciauscolo,  Traditional Dry Sausages, Lonza, and Rolled Pancetta of Pig Country, Alteta Montegiorgio (FM), Lardela Salami Monterotti from Sarnano, produced only with pigs of its breeding.

“My Dear Pig” is the Tasting Experience that Tasting Marche dedicates to those who may not be able to resist in front of a plate of cold cuts, ciauscolo, salami, sausages, lonza ... a lot of flavour and goodness. Because of the high quality of pork from which these cured meats derive, and the undisputed professionalism with which they are processed, this is a proposal that will satisfy even the most discerning palates, which will literally conquered by the smell and taste of these wonderful products, whether you decide to consume au natural on bread, focacce or pizza, whether you use them to cook delicious recipes.

Prepared for: For the lovers of quality cold meats, who want to indulge in a sin of gluttony. How to eat: Ciauscolo be cut into thick slices and can be eaten on bread or used to make tasty recipes; Larded Salami and Lonza should be cut into small cubes or thin slices; the Traditional Sausages may be slightly roasted or eaten directly without gut; the Rolled Pancetta is very versatile, if thinly sliced is great on warm toast, it can also be used to flavour other dishes or create superlative seasonings

Focaccia and Sausages, Lonza Rolls with Plums, Fusilli with Walnut pesto and Pancetta, Broccoli Omlet and Pancetta