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  • Persimmons pickled in Oil
  • Persimmons pickled in Oil
  • Persimmons pickled in Oil

Persimmons pickled in Oil


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This is a product that is very hard to found, the Persimmons pickled in Oil are a real refinement. Made with persimmons and preserved in extra virgin olive oil, it is a very special delicacy, which lends itself to the creation of various dishes, although the best way to get all the taste is certainly to savour it on a crispy bruschetta not to lose anything of so much delight.

Type: Persimmons pickled in Oil
Producer: Azienda Borgo Cisterna
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 320 g 

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The vegetables pickled in oil are now part of our eating habits, but these Persimmons pickled in oil are a product not very common . The persimmon is a fruit well known not only for its taste but also for its nutritional properties, in this version it looks more like a vegetable than a fruit and as such should be used in cooking. In addition, the persimmon is a fruit particularly resistant to pest attacks and this makes it an absolutely healthy because untreated.

The firm Borgo Cisterna is entirely dedicated to welcoming its guests, whether they want to have a pleasant holiday, whether they want to just enjoy the restaurant's cuisine. Borgo Cisterna has always been, since the Roman period and perhaps Etruscan, a site voted to agriculture, and here still fruit trees, herbs, olive trees and vegetable crops grow. The products of the farm's crops are an integral part of the kitchen, according to the family tradition and the original recipes of the territory. The type of accommodation and the particularity of production mean that Borgo Cisterna is classified at the Marche Region with the highest 5 woodpeckers and its attention to the preservation of the heritage of regional biodiversity give to Borgo Cisterna the appointment of Guardian Farmer from ASSAM.

General Information: The oil is a natural preserving agent, especially effective for food. Vegetables pickled in oil are ideal for composing appetizers, dressing salads, stuffing pizza or accompanying roasted and boiled meat or fish. How to eat: You can drain vegetables and serve them directly with meats and cheeses, or with roasted and boiled meals. You can use them also to stuff pizza, focaccie, sandwiches and savoury pies.

Persimmons, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, natural flavours

For an appetizer that will please your vegetarian friends, propose our Mixed pickled Vegetables, our Persimmon pickled in oil, the Eggplants pickled in oil and Peppers pickled in Oil, accompanied by a warm and crispy bruschetta.

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