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  • Rosso Conero Riserva Docg Dorico
  • Rosso Conero Riserva Docg Dorico
  • Rosso Conero Riserva Docg Dorico

Rosso Conero Riserva Docg Dorico


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Rosso Conero Riserva Dorico has a pleasant taste of amarena cherry and spices. Obtained entirely from Montepulciano grapes, this wine represents the big potential of enology of the Marche; a jewel  characterized by extraordinary refinement of taste. It is superb paired with typical cold meats and meat and game based dishes.

Type: Rosso Conero Docg
Producer:Azienda Agricola Moroder
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Alchol Content %: 14% vol
Taste:Harmonic and strong
Scent: Fruity with mineral notes
Colour: Red with purple hues

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The production of wine in the area of Conero Promontori finds its roots around the tenth century B.C.  initiated by the Etruscans. The red wine Rosso Conero, to have the Docg denomination, must be obtained from grapes grown in the vineyards having the following composition: Montepulciano 85% minimum, Sangiovese 15% maximum. It  is excellent paired with cured meats of the Marche, being very tasty, or pasta dishes served with meat and game sauce. It is also perfect as combination with roasts, stews and hard cheeses. Ideal serving temperature: 18 ° C. 

The Moroder family, originating from Val Gardena, after having perfectly rooted in the territory of Ancona with thriving businesses, has decided to passionately dedicate to agriculture, focusing exclusively on the production of the wine, so much to do Rosso Conero an excellent product. Always oriented towards the production of high quality wine, the company Moroder focus on the cultivation of wine grapes, native of the Conero, achieving in 1988 the "Tre Bicchieri"of Gambero Rosso. Today the company is one of the top viticulture in the Marche and is a member of the Committee Grandi Cru of Italy.

General Information: Choosing the right wine is linked to the dish to which it accompanies. In general, red wines match best with all red meats and game, to meat based pasta dishes, fermented cheese, aged cheeses and spicy cheeses. How to drink: Each wine must be brought to the table at the proper temperature; the white and rose wines should be served at a temperature lower than the red ones to exalt the organoleptic properties of wine that would be altered if the service temperature is not the proper one. All the wine goes oxygenated before being served, the time varies depending on the aging of the wine, if a wine is young this procedure is entirely superfluous. Red wines require a longer oxygenation time than the white ones. If you want to taste different types of wine with vary degrees, it is advisable to adopt a policy of climb; wines with a lower alcohol content should be drunk before.

Wine made from Montepulciano grapes. It contains sulfites

Sea breezes and the microclimate of the Conero promontory give rise to unparalleled red wine; try to taste this Rosso Conero Riserva Dorico with slices of warm bread Ciauscolo, balance and flavor is sublime.

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