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The real authentic taste from Le Marche is also enclosed in an bunch of products from Macerata surroundings. Directly from small companies who need to rise back after the last earthquake that have occurred on Le Marche. The Quadrucci eggs pasta is from San Ginesio, the Barley coffee with anise  and the Red Beans come from Castelsant'Angelo sul nera, Pecorino herb cheese is from Belforte del Chienti, the Ciauscolo salami comes from Sarnano, the Almond Tozzetti biscuits are coming from Castelraimondo and the Verdicchio Shortbreads are made in Tolentino.

Type: legumes, barley coffee, pecorino cheese, cured meats, sweet cookies, egg pasta.
Tasting Combinations: 6
Number of Products: 7
Made in: Marche (Italia)
Net Weight: 4 kg 

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Ciauscolo Salami IGP
Egg Quadrucci

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Fagioli Rossi

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Pecorino Cheese with Herbs
Verdicchio Biscuits

The Quadrucci eggs pasta are produced by La Pasta di Celiano from San Ginesio (MC), Anise flavoured barley and Red Beans by Subrizi farms from Castelsant'Angelo sul Nera (MC), the Ciauscolo salami is from Salumificio Monterotti in Sarnano (MC), the Pecorino herb cheese is made by Di Pietrantonio Dairy in Belforte del Chienti (MC), the almonds tozzetti biscuits are produced by Vapoforno Olivari from Castelraimondo (MC), the Verdicchio shortbreads are made in the confectionery Mimosa in Tolentino ( MC). Similar products, with same weight and quality can also be supplied by other producers in the areas affected by the earthquake at the same price.

Also a wide selection of products to discover the best food and wine from Le Marche. A main course with beans and the quadrucci eggs pasta, a slice of fresh bread with ciauscolo salami and pecorino cheese. And for a glorious ending an anise flavoured barley cup, unmissable!

“Sapori dalle Marche” is a bundle of genuine products and belong to this heavily wounded area, but as strong as the producers, we all want to back to normal. How to enjoy it: the beans must be put to soak into water for few hours in the beginning and then boiled and cooked according to your recipe, along with the quadrucci eggs pasta. Ciauscolo salami and cheese onto some fresh bread are ideal for a snack or a traditional appetizer. The cookies are delicious even alone or with a cup of Anise flavoured Barley  that can be done either with Moka-pot or with the weather helm.