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  • Sbriciolini Cookies with almonds and hazelnuts
  • Sbriciolini Cookies with almonds and hazelnuts
  • Sbriciolini Cookies with almonds and hazelnuts

Sbriciolini Cookies with almonds and hazelnuts


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The name says it all, really! The Sbriciolini Cookies crumble at first bite. Crispy and crumbly at the same time, their main characteristic is the pleasing taste of almonds, and the final fine note of Maraschino liquor. The Sbriciolini Cookies are perfect to taste like a dessert at the end of the meal, when you want to finish a special meal with a superbe pleasure.

Type: Sbriciolini cookies
Producer:  Pasticceria Mimosa Tolentino
Made in: Marche (Italy)
Net Weight: 300gr

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The Sbriciolini Cookies, as all Roberto Cantolacqua products, are made with fine high quality ingredients, the original trade mark of his pastry making. In this case, the original mixture of the best almonds with Maraschino  liquor – a fine Dalmatian liquor – could represent a perfect union. That’s why our cookies are very tasty and gourmand.

Pasticceria Mimosa s.a.s. di Roberto Cantolacqua Ripani & C. Viale Vittorio Veneto, 69, 62029 Tolentino (MC). The fortune of la Pasticceria Mimosa di Tolentino is due to his skillful pastry chef Roberto Cantolacqua. Since he was a child, Roberto took on with pastry making, thanks to his grandfather who owned a bakery. He has worked since he was teenager in the bakery, a fine flagship of Tolentino. He could be considered one of the best young italian pastry chef, thanks to his innovative and unique products, beautiful to see, and absolutely fine to taste.

General Information:  Cookies not need any special preparations but they should be served accordingly to the occasion, in the most appropriate and appealing tray. Being baked products free of preservatives, once opened it should be eaten within a few days to savour the characteristics of the product, or stored in an airtight box away from moisture. How to eat: The cookies can be pleasing protagonists of tasty snacks, breakfasts or tea breaks but can also be great as dessert; they should be served, according to the occasion, with tea, coffee, hot chocolate or sweet wines, in their simplest version or together with a teaspoon of jam, honey or fruit jelly.

Wheat flour type "00", sugar, almonds, hazelnuts, butter, egg yolk, whole egg, yeast, vanilla beans,cinnamon, and salt, lemon aroma. Contains gluten, milk and egg proteins and nuts. May contain traces of peanut and soya. Nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy Kcal 404,13, Kj 1692,02; Carbohydrates 31,30 g. of which sugars 22,57 g; Fats 28,71 g of which satured fatty acids 1,65 g. Proteins 8,46 g. Fibers 3.27 g. Salt 0,09 g.

We suggest you to taste the Sbriciolini Cookies at the end of a special meal accompanied with a glass of Visciolino and an "Bassinati" Hazelnut Praline.